Jajala Trived Kumar

Software Engineer
I’m an enthusiastic developer and programmer, making web and mobile apps usually with javascript based technologies. I love to explore different technologies by implementing them in projects.
The Most Amazing...
....thing that I have done is, Created a full-stack e-commerce web application with features like payment processing, adding items to the cart, and two types of user categories with different permissions.
Interest & Expertise
  • Developing apps and web applications.
  • Reading tech blogs
  • Listening to podcasts
  • JavaScript (Basic), JavaScript (Intermediate) certifications from Hacker rank.
  • Responsive Web Design certification from freecodecamp.
  • Got an appreciation for completing a part of the migration of API in a previous organization.
  • Volunteered for the election commission while in college.
Backend Framework & Library
Frontend Framework & Library
HTML / CSS,TypeScript
Version Control
Project Management
VS Code
State Management
Redux,Redux Saga
Testing Frameworks & Library
Mobile Framework & Library
React Native
NeoBanking App
Contributed to the React-Native Mobile app. An Neobanking application with more that one million downloads built to serve customers completely online without any tedious banking applications or processes and to organize customer financial planning and to achieve financial goals.
Description: App was built with ReactNative, Typescript, SWR, xstate, as their frontend tech and AWS, firebase, bifrost and stargate (API services) as their backend tech stargate (API services).
I worked as a Software Engineer there with daily responsibilities of developing new features for the application from going through the product requirements documents and figma screens, fixing the bugs that are raised by customers and testers, doing the code reviews.
Stock App
Contributed to the React-Native Mobile app.This is a clone application of the stock market aggregator Groww, where users can trade for the stocks available in NSE(National Stock Exchange), India in real-time.
Description: App was built using react-native, react-navigation, react-redux, NativeBase, React Native wagmi charts, socket.io Client.
The app has the following features stock's trading Live stock price reflection, live order's matching, stock's line and candlestick graph, stock's fundamentals and information, watchlist favorite stocks ,user authentication.
Expense tracking app
Developed an expense tracking app to calculate and organize your expenses.
Description: App was built using react-native, react-navigation, react-redux, styled-components, formatJS (react-intl) for multiple languages. Built this app with features like themes, multiple languages, multiple-currency support and multiple wallets.
Todo App
A simple Todo App to get started with react-native to get an understanding of how different things work.
Description: App was built using react-native, react-navigation, react-redux, react-hook form. Built this app to get an understanding of how react native works and how we can integrate state management tools in the application.