User Management

Manage created accounts or sign up with new ones to enjoy access to the platform. Also includes profile management.


Subscription Flow

Access control on hosted content based on subscription plans and user access level within the app with a dedicated screen to enable subscription purchase.


Video Streaming/Viewing Party Hosting

Stream hosted videos or host viewing parties through safe and secure sharing services.


Catalog View

Display your hosted content/products in a catalog view for viewers to pick from. Enable sorting and filters to help them pick their favourite content/product faster.


Admin View/Dashboard

A dedicated admin view for moderators to manage hosted content, users, subscriptions, promotions etc. from a single place.

Solutions Realized

Our work with our partners speaks for our experience and love for the industry. Check out how we have helped our clients achieve their dreams.
Re-established India's biggest online mobile gaming platform with a reimagining of their services.

Re-established India's biggest online mobile gaming platform with a reimagining of their services.

India's oldest and largest fantasy cricket gaming platform invigorated its services with our digital mobile solution and increased its play base exponentially.

A social media platform specifically designed for sports enthusiasts & fan clubs.

We partnered with a social platform to build a digital platform for Football fans to connect with other fans, support teams of their choice, plan social events and watch matches together.

The MMA community got a kick out of this company's idea to bring all the news to a single platform.

A sports enterprise took our help to build a platform for MMA enthusiasts to find all the information, scores, live event data and much more in a single platform, complete with live video coverage, streaming services and a lot more.

Kids can now experience the thrill of Football through this attempt to bring it to their fingertips.

We helped a virtual sports experience delivering company with a touch football app for kids to play and experience the excitement. It is a project that is extended from mobile/tablet apps to mall kiosks and desktop websites.