Restaurant App Development Services

Fast restaurants need efficiency to thrive. Frustrated customers are driven away by long waits and errors. GeekyAnts creates custom tech solutions for restaurants, streamlining operations. Imagine easy online ordering, smooth table management, and automated kitchens - all powered by data.

We'll optimize your workflow, shorten waits, and let your staff focus on creating a fantastic dining experience.


What You Achieve With Our Technology



Reduced Operational Time as per Managers



Increase in Order Accuracy



Faster Complaint Resolution

Our Restaurant Tech Expertise

Legacy System Modernization

Breathe new life into your infrastructure for a 25% efficiency boost.

Customer-Focused Experience

Design experiences that delight – increase customer satisfaction by 30%.

Digital Strategy and Consulting

Chart your course to digital dominance through expert consultants.

Business Process Automation

Streamline workflows with automation – unleash the power of innovation.

Innovation Management

Drive double-digit growth through innovative management strategies.

AI Automation and Integration

Let AI do the heavy lifting, you focus on the future.

Our AI- Powered Services

Voice-Activated Ordering System

Customers can place orders on their phones with just their voice, freeing up your staff and reducing wait times.

Table Booking & Ordering System (via Phone calls)

Offer a user-friendly system for phone reservations that also allows ordering in advance.

Predictive Wait Time Analysis

Keep your customers informed with real-time wait time estimates, promoting a stress-free dining experience.

Virtual Dining Experience

Expand your reach to a wider audience by offering immersive virtual dining experiences for takeout or delivery.

Virtual Table Booking with Restaurant Layout Visualization

Let customers choose their ideal table with a 3D visualization of your restaurant layout.

Virtual Chef's Table Experience

Offer a unique and exclusive dining option with a virtual front-row seat to chef demonstrations and interactive experiences.

Our Solution for

darden logo

A robust mono-repo application with industry-standard features and services, capable of handling any user surge.

Problem Statement

The application was built on old JSP limiting user experience and unable to accommodate growing traffic to the existing app.

Mobile Results

  • Improved User Experience
  • Easier Onboarding Process
  • Human-Centered Design
  • Revamped UI

Website Results

  • Better Visual Consistency
  • Improved Accessibility
  • Smoother User Experience
  • Dependable Architecture


  • 1.6M+ Apps Downloads
  • 09 Web Applications
  • 07 Mobile Applications