Closing The Gap Between Education & Skill Through Digital Transformation

Revolutionize the way students learn the skills they need and improve educational effectiveness with our digital solutions, designed to help you keep your focus on the receiver, the student.


About Education

With cutting edge tech, help kids and students become great and achieve new heights by delivering effective education with practical examples. As an educator, identifying new trends and methods of teaching to promote the skill of thinking big in students is crucial. With digital solutions, we help you transform the way you teach and bring the skills you want to share right to the students and secure their future, while steering away from the digital disruption within the industy.


Student Management
Let students join the platform with unique credentials created by them and existing students to continue learning by joining back.
Live Stream/ Classroom Lectures
Live stream classes for your students to learn with in real-time or record classes in classroom and host them on the platform for students to view at their convenience.
Forum/Chatroom/Discussion Rooms
A place for students and teachers to join and discuss about subjects, topics or answer questions and learn together.
Assignments/Tests Hosting
Upload assignments for students to solve and send back and hold online tests to analyse progress and plan ahead.
Teacher View
A separate view for teachers to manage their subjects, classes and timings with a dedicated secure FTP server to upload files and share supplementary material.
Admin View
A simple to use admin view for platform admins to manage students, teachers, forums, promotions and the overall functionality of the application.

Solutions Realized


A visionary entrepreneur decided to turn screen time for kids into a learning experience with us.

PopSmartKids, a venture that promotes learning for kids through gamification partnered with us to develop a digital platform for kids, teachers and parents to promote kids as global citizens.


An online learning portal for freshers and professionals to learn and increase their chances of being hired.

We helped create a digital learning platform for professionals and freshmen to learn straight from the industry and become employment ready in the ever changing technological sphere.

Authored an authoring tool for an e-learning platform from Romania.

SIVECO, an e-learning platform host from Romania utilized our services to build a pilot product for an authoring tool for their e-learning platform, which they thought was perfect for their mission.

A web solution for an Indian smart school service provider.

We developed a web solution for an Indian smart school ERP provider to store all digital data to promote a trouble free E-school management system.

A Germany based e-learning platform brought about a 'tutoring revolution'.

An education company in Germany utilized our services to build a digital platform for tutoring students by finding optimal matches for students and integrating appointments as well as payment, all in a single platform.

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