Software Engineer
A young enthusiast developer who loves to solve problems using technical skills and likes to explore and learn new things. Worked extensively with MERN and I am always curious about these technologies like how they work and what we can build out of them.
Full Stack Developer
Context API’s
The Most Amazing...
....I was part of a social media web application and also contributed to the development of the project.
Interest & Expertise
  • Learning New Technologies
  • Web App Development
  • Clean Code
  • Runner up in the Coding-Hackathon organised during the 3rd year of my College.
Backend Framework & Library
State Management
Redux,MobX,Mobx-state-tree,Redux Saga
Cloud Services
Testing Frameworks & Library
Mobile Framework & Library
React Native
Query Language
Frontend Framework & Library
Real Time Music Player
A desktop Music Player application built using ElectronJS and React in which multiple users can join in the room and can play music simultaneously. This application also includes a chat feature as well. Tech Stack used: React, ElectronJS, Web Sockets.
Starter Kit
In this project, I have tested the performance of the web application on the basis of different state management techniques (Redux, Mobx-state-tree, and Recoil). Tech Stack used: React, Redux, Mobx-State-Tree, and Recoil.
Project Management System
This is a Project Management System Web Application that includes features like creating projects, also creating and updating tasks for particular projects, and assigning tasks to members based on their roles (Moderator, Developer, Viewer, etc). Tech Stack used: React, Redux, Material UI, Firebase( for database and authentication).
Community with Privacy Web App
It is a web application that has been designed to assist families and communities throughout the world to manage their lives and relationships in a safe, secure, and private environment online. This application has features like Managing Calendar Events, Todo List, Sharing Interactive Content (Image or Video), Messaging, Audio/Video Calls, Music Player, etc. Tech Stack used-: React, Redux, Redux-Saga, Rest APIs, Third-party Libraries like Comet- Chat, Firebase for push notifications, Google Map Integration, Styled-Components, etc.