Fixed Scope Engagement Model

We offer a fixed-scope engagement model with predefined project scope to help you get expected results with higher visibility and less management.

What is Fixed Scope?

For requirements that are fixed before the process begins, the fixed scope model offers the best value. Everything in the scope of the project is decided before the project begins, with full transparency.

Key Features Of Fixed Scope Model

Fix the requirements and scope in advance.
We plan and set up the best team for you.
Fixed sprint planning.
Kick off project with full transparency and consent on planned deliverables.
Suggested for projects with duration less than 2 months.
Project scope is phased out and with multiple SoWs, if duration is greater than 2 months.

When to choose this method?

A fixed scope plan is ideal when you have a fixed timeline, budget and know the features of the app. This makes it easy to give a straightforward estimate and execution followed strictly according to plan.
When you have a fixed Timeline
Ideal for projects that need to be completed within a defined timeframe. Can range from Months to Years.
When you have a fixed Budget
Ideal for projects that are constrained on spending. Allows effective use of resources to achieve goals.
When you know the features of the app
An accurate timeline can be created and the project can be finished within the timeline. Saves money and time.

Why choose GeekyAnts for fixed scope development?

Dedicated teams for project planning and execution.
Daily stand-up calls for complete transparency.
Constant updates on progress of the project.
Dedicated account manager for your projects.
End-to-end project management.
Zero compromise on quality.

Tools we use

Build expertise in cutting edge tech in the domain. Start from the basics and work your way up to ‘god’ level.
All Tools
For effective communication between teams that may be in different time zones
Google meet / Zoom
For daily standup calls, weekly demos and other meetings
JIRA / Trello / AirTable
For task assignment and project management
GitHub / GitLab
For version control