Dedicated Team Engagement Model

Hire a dedicated team of experts to add to your existing platform or build an innovative software solution from scratch to turn your ideas into reality in an easy and manageable way.

What is the dedicated team engagement model?

Dedicated team engagement model is an arrangement to provide clients with new team members without asking them to go through the hassles of hiring and training new members. This dedicated team could comprise designers, developers, QAs, or all available on a requirement (hourly rate) basis.

Key Features Of the Dedicated Team Model

Enhanced visibility of project stages
Increased control over which expertise to include in the team
Higher project management flexibility than the fixed-scope model
Better prediction of budget estimates
Improved deadlines management

When to choose dedicated team model?

Dedicated team engagement model is best suited for clients who know their software development requirements. The dedicated team adds to their existing employees and includes all the experts that the client specifies. The client is responsible for planning and assigning tasks to the new team members as required.
When you already have a team
This model helps gain additional dedicated members in your existing team.
When you know the required skillset
Businesses can ask for particular skills in the incoming team members such as developers, designers, QA engineers, etc.
When you need higher security
Adding dedicated team members will help reduce any security risks to your data and information with IP protection.

Why choose GeekyAnts for dedicated team software development?

Requirements-based team selection for effective outcomes
Improved project management and estimation planning
Enhanced team communication throughout the project lifecycle
Faster execution through prioritization of tasks
Higher ROI with high quality digital products
Better understanding of your software development requirements

Tools we use

Build expertise in cutting edge tech in the domain. Start from the basics and work your way up to ‘god’ level.
All Tools
For effective communication among teams across different timezones
Trello / JIRA
For efficient project and task management
GitHub / GitLab
For version control
Google meet / Zoom
For organizing meetings and collaborative work