Agile Product Development Model

Implement a digital transformation through iterative, incremental, and evolutionary agile product development that focuses on all the components of a project lifecycle instead of just the technical ones.

What is the Agile product development model?

Agile project management is an iterative approach to delivering a project throughout its life cycle. It has people assigned particular roles based on the project requirements. Organizational leaders are responsible for deciding the size of the team and who to include in the agile team. This approach aims at making improvements and releasing benefits on an ongoing basis rather than at the end of the project.

Key Features Of The Agile Model

Greater visibility and transparency for key stakeholders
Integrated testing throughout the product lifecycle
Early identification and resolution of issues
Iterative releases and continuous integration
Enhanced adaptability through continuous communication
Predictable costs and schedule

When to choose Agile model?

Agile product development model is best suited for projects that are not thoroughly defined and are open to changes. Clients who have a limited understanding of the value and meaning of what is being developed can opt for agile product development.
When product quality matters the most
Agile model helps improve the end result and user experience through continuous learning.
When you want to get started with limited planning
As agile model works by implementing improvements on the go, it does not require as elaborate planning to begin as with fixed scope model.
When time constraints are negligible
Agile model gives both the developers and key stakeholders more options and freedom of time

Why choose GeekyAnts for Agile product development?

Regular management of project requirements based on results
Systematized project risk management
Software development aligned to project goals
Enhanced productivity and focus on quality
Higher flexibility based on the client requirements
Early results

Tools we use

Build expertise in cutting edge tech in the domain. Start from the basics and work your way up to ‘god’ level.
All Tools
For effective communication among teams across different timezones
Trello / JIRA
For efficient project and task management
GitHub / GitLab
For version control
Google meet / Zoom
For organizing meetings and collaborative work