Devanshi Garg

Software Engineer III
A software developer who is forever curious about learning new technologies and likes to solve every problem innovatively. Currently exploring the web3 ecosystem.
The Most Amazing...
....thing I have done is, Besides working on an extended range of projects I feel one of the most amazing things I have done or I am doing is working for an organization named “Manoriha” which helps spread awareness and deal with mental health among all individuals.
Interest & Expertise
  • Mobile Development
  • UI Designing
  • Communicating with People
  • Painting
  • Won an internal hackathon organized by GeekyAnts
  • Contributed in Open Source Projects
  • Worked for an organization named “Manoriha” in spreading awareness about mental health
Backend Framework & Library
HTML / CSS,JavaScript,C++,TypeScript,Dart
Version Control
Mobile Framework & Library
Frontend Framework & Library
Android Studio,X-Code,Figma,JIRA,Trello
State Management
Visual Studio Code
Cloud Services
Cloud Firestore,Firebase Storage,Firebase Messaging
Twitter Clone
Built a Twitter look-alike cross-platform application with Flutter and Firebase. Used Firestore and authentication services of the Firebase. A Pool of users was built on the Firebase database who were able to tweet, like it, and comment on it in real-time. The project learnings were focused on building a beautiful UI integrated with the Firebase services.
TechStack : Flutter, Dart, Flutter_Bloc, Firebase.
Mfund-Market App
A product to build an investment app.
A customizable app with a rich collection of UI elements that lets its users invest in mutual funds based on their interests. The app is built using Flutter and uses firebase storage to store the images uploaded by the user. This app uses PostgreSQL as its database to store users’ data and their investments including fund and payment details.
TechStack : Flutter, Dart, Flutter_Bloc, Firebase, JavaScript, NodeJS, Postgresql.
Doctor Consultation App
Developed a doctor consultation app through which both doctor and patient are able to communicate and it was completely developed with flutter and firebase.
TechStack: Flutter, Dart, Flutter_Bloc, Firebase.
Flutter Navigator 2.0
Built a flutter web app that uses Flutter Navigator 2.0 for navigating through different routes, eventually solving the problems which were faced by Navigator 1.0 in flutter web.
TechStack : Flutter, Dart.
Cryptocurrency Payment App
Provided web support and maintained the source code for this cryptocurrency app.
TechStack : Flutter, Dart.
Multiplayer Soccer Management Game
It's a game built on blockchain. It is purely community-driven, with true asset ownership and all the code and database are 100% open-sourced for the users to maintain and develop the game as they see fit. The blockchain gaming platform is also 100% open source.
TechStack: Flutter, Dart, Provider, Firebase, Hive, Web3.
Flutter Starter
Flutter Starter is a starter kit for Flutter that helps users bootstrap projects with all the essential modules like State Management, API calls, Style Guide, Localisation, Routes, etc. It helps you build production-ready apps in a jiffy. It handles everything in one place so you don't have to rewrite code.
TechStack: Flutter, Dart, Flutter_Bloc, Firebase, Provider