Customizable Stock Market Trading App

If you want to build a stock market trading app like Zerodha or Robinhood, we have something that can help you. GeekInvest is a customizable stock trading app and a matching engine that enables buying and selling of orders in a stock market, commodity market, or other financial exchanges. The matching engine was made by merging FIFO (First In, First Out) and Pro Rata algorithms. 

Stock Market Trading App

Product Design

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Design of stock market app

About the Fully Customizable Stock Trading App

In a world that is always online and on the move, online trading is a convenient way to access trading platforms and carry out various transactions. To build one from scratch, you probably have to spend months and invest a lot of money in development.

This stock market application with a complete backend solution helps you build your app in almost half the time and cost. 

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Main Modules

Matching Engine

The matching engine uses algorithms to set the priority of orders from different users based on time, quantity, price, etc., and then executes them. This is the core of the project, as it is responsible for streamlining trading actions taken by the app. 

Scalable Back-end

We have used cutting-edge tech and expertise to develop a scalable and reliable back-end for this complex app. There are multiple services, like the Matching Engine, that are independently scalable, facilitating microlevel upgrades.


App developed using the mono-repo architecture for the codebase. We have used Nest.js, a Node.js-based framework. PostgreSQL, Redis, Cassandra, and TimescaleDB were some tech stacks used.

Build Your Own Stock Trading App with GeekyAnts

You don’t have to build your Stock Trading App from scratch. We can help save you time and cost by creating your app on top of GeekInvest. 

100% themeable
100% themeable
2x faster development
2x faster development
50% cost reduction
50% cost reduction
Plug-and-play features
Plug-and-play features

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