Customizable Chat and Messaging App

A chat application for web and mobile that allows users to communicate with each other in real time through text, voice, or video. It can be customized to accommodate all your modern chat app requirements.

Customizable Chat And Messaging App

Product Design

Sign up screen design of chat app
Ui of Chat App
Design of chat app
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About the Custom Chat and Messaging Application

Chat applications are the primary mode of modern communication. There are many popular options out there — WhatsApp, Messenger, and Telegram are a few examples. Social media platforms also have a chat interface built into them.

We took inspiration from these platforms when creating our very customizable version of a chat application. The chat app contains all the features needed to build a modern chat app.

We have used React Native for frontend. For the backend, we used Firebase and CometChat API.

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Main Modules

Multi-chat Support

GeekChat can handle multiple chats simultaneously. It is easy to switch between tabs and chat groups with the interface added.

Mobile App Portability

The app can be used on mobile with all the data synched to the web app. It is easy to share data and continue conversations with whatever platform.

Advanced Analytics

Tracking analytics of conversation and downtime is easy to get. Users can also see where they are spending more time and how to optimize their usage. 

Build Your Own Chat and Messaging Application with GeekyAnts

You don’t have to build your chat application from scratch. We can help save time and cost by creating your app on top of GeekChat.

100% themeable
100% themeable
2x faster development
2x faster development
50% cost reduction
50% cost reduction
Plug-and-play features
Plug-and-play features

Want to Customise

Chat Application to Suit Your Business Needs?

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