Customizable Business Management Application

A business management system that enables small and medium-sized businesses to manage their stores online end-to-end conveniently. Can be customized based on your project requirements saving hundreds of design & development hours. Create your MVP fast and be market-ready in a jiffy.

Product Design

Design of business management app
Store view of business management app
Order details screen of busniess app
Account screen of a business app

About the Fully Customizable Business Management Application

Vardaan is a customizable solution that enables you to build your own application to manage small and medium businesses. It helps to handle sales and accounting for their online businesses effortlessly.

With our expertise in building intuitive and scalable business apps, we set out to develop a customizable and themeable platform so that any similar requirement can be built on top of this.  

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Main Modules

Digital Business Management Features

Digitally manage activities such as inventory management, order creation, expense management, UPI payment options, and multiple invoice selection.

Online Marketplace

Add your business store items with values, stock availability, product description, stock availability, and product variants. Add tags like new, must try, or bestseller. Store items while creating offline orders for customers.

Business Process Tracking

Track different aspects of your business, such as total sales, pending sales, expenses, and profits. Receive different reports and comparative graphs and track online orders.

Bahi Khata

Bahi Khata lets you add and record manual bills and transactions, and send notifications to customers. This is robust, easy to execute, and can be scaled up or down easily. 


Vardaan is customizable according to the segment. It allows you to manage your business through one app and one device. The focus is on simplicity, superior performance, and security. The features are meant to be a practical companion for business owners.


The application can be used in nine different languages, allowing you to manage your business conveniently. Switching between languages is simple and easy.

Real-time Inventory Updates

Vardaan provides almost instant updates on inventory status and changes. The real-time updates make the application really handy when planning operations.

Intuitive App Design for Sales, Accounting, and Online Marketplace

The application is designed to be intuitive during daily usage. The features for sales, accounting, and online marketplace are designed according to modern standards.

Real-time Business Growth Dashboard

Vardaan simplifies the tracking of business with an interactive real-time dashboard. This allows business owners to see growth as it happens.

Single App for Online and Offline Business Management

The application centralizes the management of both business operations — online and offline. There are dedicated features inside the app that segment the two models.

Cloud Data Storage with Multiple Security Layers

Data stored in Vardaan is protected by multiple layers of security. There are strict checkpoints to ensure data stored in the cloud is never lost or compromised.

Share GST Invoices Digitally and Receive Orders Online

GST calculation is a one-click affair in Vardaan. Users can also bill invoices digitally and receive orders online through the various features of the application.

Record and Manage Customer Details

Customer detail and information management can be done with Vardaan easily. The stored details are secured with strong data security features.

Operate and Switch Between Multiple Businesses and Stores

Vardaan is built to scale. A business owner can manage multiple stores and businesses using it and does not have to face the hassle of having multiple accounts.

Provide Discounts and Coupons to Customers

Using Vardaan, business owners can provide offers on their products and services. There is also a feature to distribute coupons to the entire customer base with one click. 

Technologies Used

We used multiple tech stacks that work well together. Here is a quick look at the technology stacks we have used for the front and back ends of Vardaan. 



The Flutter framework allows developers to create high-performance, visually appealing apps for iOS and Android platforms. Features like hot reload, customizable widgets, and strong community support make it perfect for the app.



React.js offers advantages such as a virtual DOM for efficient rendering and reusable components for modular development. It also uses a declarative programming model, which makes it easier to reason about and debug code.



Node.js simplifies the creation of fast and scalable server-side applications. It offers advantages such as a non-blocking I/O model, event-driven architecture, and a vast library of open-source packages.



Express.js offers a minimalist and flexible design and a robust set of HTTP utility methods. It also gives middleware support for building scalable web applications and a rich ecosystem of plugins.

GCP (Google Cloud Platforms)

GCP (Google Cloud Platforms)

GCP allows high scalability, reliability, and security, enabling businesses to build and run applications globally. It also provides storage, and networking, as well as machine learning and data analytics tools.



DigitalOcean simplifies the launch and management of cloud-based applications. It also has a user-friendly interface and strong community support services. Other perks of DigitalOcean include computing, storage, and networking features.



Firestore offers advantages such as real-time synchronization, scalability, and offline data access. It also provides a rich set of features such as automatic scaling, querying, and indexing, as well as a flexible security model.



MongoDB provides a schema-less data model, automatic sharding, and a rich query language. This makes it easy to store and retrieve data flexibly and efficiently. It also has strong community support.

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Build Your Own Business Management System with GeekyAnts

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