Customizable Business Management Application

A business management system that enables small and medium-sized businesses to manage their stores online end-to-end conveniently. Can be customized based on your project requirements saving hundreds of design & development hours. Create your MVP fast and be market-ready in a jiffy.

Business Management Application

Product Design

Design of business management app
Store view of business management app
Order details screen of busniess app
Account screen of a business app

About the Fully Customizable Business Management Application

Vardaan is a customizable solution that enables you to build your own application to manage small and medium businesses. It helps to handle sales and accounting for their online businesses effortlessly.

With our expertise in building intuitive and scalable business apps, we set out to develop a customizable and themeable platform so that any similar requirement can be built on top of this.  

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Main Modules

Digital Business Management Features

Digitally manage activities such as inventory management, order creation, expense management, UPI payment options, and multiple invoice selection.

Online Marketplace

Add your business store items with values, stock availability, product description, stock availability, and product variants. Add tags like new, must try, or bestseller. Store items while creating offline orders for customers.

Business Process Tracking

Track different aspects of your business, such as total sales, pending sales, expenses, and profits. Receive different reports and comparative graphs and track online orders.

Bahi Khata

Bahi Khata lets you add and record manual bills and transactions, and send notifications to customers. This is robust, easy to execute, and can be scaled up or down easily. 

Build Your Own Business Management System with GeekyAnts

You don’t have to build your Business Management System from scratch. We can help save you time and cost by creating your app on top of Vardaan. 

100% themeable
100% themeable
2x faster development
2x faster development
50% cost reduction
50% cost reduction
Plug-and-play features
Plug-and-play features

Want to Customise

This Business Management System to Suit Your Business Needs?

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