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Mental Health Platform for IvySky
Revolutionising mental health solutions with IvySky, an organisation by teens for teens
4 weeks
Healthcare App Development Services
  1. Strategy

    In this unique assignment, we collaborated with an organisation that seeks to dramatically alter the way that mental health is looked at for teenagers. We partnered with the client over a period of shortly over a month over time and material model to their vision to life.

  2. Analysis Planning

    The project which was purely design based required us to implement designs which were not appropriate for the nature of the application and the esthetics required while keeping in mind that the user base is a teenage demographic that is afflicted with mental issues.

  3. Development

    Throughout the course of the project, not only did the in-house team revamp the look of the application to provide a soothing feel but also implemented features such as a sections for tips and tools, detailed videos providing help for those with mental issues, trackers to record stress, physical activity, sleep and work levels etc.

  4. Delivery

    The end of the project marked the creation of an application which is all set to hit the stores soon for the niche vertical of mental health with clients being impressed at the outcome.

About the Client

A non-profit organisation dedicated to the development of resources for mental health, IvySky’s goal is to bring down suicide rates by conducting extensive social campaigns and orgnanising comprehensive aid for the mental health epidemic. While mental health in itself is a mostly an unexplored field, what sets IvySky apart from other players in the field is the fact that it is an organisation founded by teenagers, who have had personal experience with experiencing mental health issues, offering their services exclusively to other teenagers. Their contributions to the field include a merchandise line, an ambassador program, social campaigns to destigmatize mental health and an innovative application.

The Problem

The Head of Operations for IvySky, Ryan Venturi explained to us that the primary goal of their company is to get teens the help they need and they observed that even though there are innumerable applications for mental health, there aren't many that cater to teenagers specifically. This has led them to build a technological resource and platform that encourages teens to talk about their feelings with the intent of getting them to be more open and forthcoming about the whole situation.
Their requirement from us was simple as they wanted us to implement designs and a few additional features to enhance the user experience and functionalities of the IvySky application. After considering the nature of the project which was mostly design-based, we decided on a time and material model to engage with the client for the duration of the project which was spread over a period of one month. 

Team On-Call

The goal of this collaboration was to improve the experience of the IvySky app by implementing designs which portray a specific message along with the implementation of certain features. After a thorough analysis of the requirements, we put together a team through discussions with the client to take the venture forward. The group would consist of two UI/UX designers working alongside a business analyst to guide the process. The team was then introduced to the client and the requirements were formally explained so that they could get going with transforming the application.


Create designs for the application while factoring in that the app is a platform for people with mental health issues.

Implement additional features based on the demands of the client.

 Improve the user experience of the application and give it a facelift.


The partner’s intent was to enhance the application by making changes to the design while also adding some features to improve the functionality of the application. The team worked for a period of one month where they kept in constant contact with the partner to understand the intricacies of the project as they worked on revolutionising the experience of the IvySky application which aims to provide solutions to those afflicted with mental health issues.

Here are the changes that were made to the application during the course of this collaboration:

  • We gave the IvySky application a fresh look by implementing great designs that not only factors in the nature of the application and the potential user base. Hence, the designs that were created were intended to provide a soothing sensory experience to users.
  • The next step was to introduce certain courses which would have detailed videos regarding specific features for mental health while also implementing a feature that would enable the user to seek professional help.
  • We also included a Tips section which would have numerous tips about mental health allowing users to refer to this information at any instance.
  • Lastly, we also included a Tools section using which the user can track integral lifestyle aspects, including stress, physical activity, sleep and work levels etc., which would help them to manage their mental health better.
Overcoming Challenges

While any venture has chances of coming up against challenges, the primary hurdle that we faced was working with the stringent deadlines due to the time sensitive nature of the project. Our developers worked tirelessly while continually interacting with the client to perfect the application in the best way possible. Our partners have lauded us on our ability to meet deadlines through the perseverance and  professionalism displayed by the team on-call.

Final Impression

The client was delighted with the dedication exhibited by the team towards the task on hand and was also impressed by their ability to meet the expectations of the client in a timely manner through their collaborative efforts. The team was especially commended for their ability to keep in sync through regular standups where they consulted the client for their feedback on the progress. The partner also commended us on the workflow of the project as well as technical expertise displayed by the team which resulted in a great application for the niche vertical of mental health.