This is how we built an AI bot and a fact-checking editorial platform for a leading benefit corporation.
Addressing misinformation crisis by creating technological tools to ensure timely, efficient, and credible fact checks
6 months
Manufacturing App Development Services
Design and development
  1. Strategy

  2. Analysis Planning

  3. Development

  4. UI/UX

  5. Testing

  6. Delivery

About the Client

The client is a benefit corporation that is creating technological tools to address the misinformation crisis. In today’s world, information flow, if not regulated, causes widespread chaos and confusion, reduces trust, and leaves the system open to exploitation. The benefit corporation is founded on the idea that while smart regulatory reform may solve a part of this problem, market forces can also push things in the right direction. The client is tackling two dimensions of this problem. First, by addressing the broken supply chain for facts and credibility signals through an AI bot and platform for unearthing and sharing facts in response to unsubstantiated claims. Secondly, by addressing the shortage of timely, efficient fact checks, through another project. The client publishes a reputed newsletter and has partnered with organizations like The Associated Press, USAFacts, and The Mississippi Center for Investigative Reporting.

The Problem

Looking forward to scaling up their website, which caters to the manufacturing industry, our client wanted a single source of truth for all designs. The team working on the project was required to be efficient in analyzing and improving the project. They had to keep in mind standard design guidelines while maintaining design consistency on every platform.

Team On-Call

After determining the goals of the project, we assigned an experienced designer to understand the requirements of the project and initiate the work.


Create industry-specific designs for their website, which caters to the manufacturing industry.

Revamp their existing website and improve the customer experience.

Implement additional features every week and work on new ideas for both UX and UI.

The client also had a time constraint and required faster go-live with the project.


The client approached us with ideas, that needed to be converted into reality through design. Initially, there was no fixed design guideline for us to work with. We checked the previous designs used by the client to determine and match the new font, typography, color, layout, and styles. We then documented the design component library and resources on a hosted website for access by all. We set the color palette for different platforms (web, mobile, admin). We worked on social media cards and other visual illustrations for different platforms. The goal was to modify the old UI/UX style and features to enhance the user experience and assure effective interaction. We were ultimately successful in delivering an efficient, functional product, with great UI/UX features. The features we worked on included designs, wireframes, ideation, and graphics. We also created a design guideline for future reference.

Overcoming Challenges

A few challenges were faced during the course of this project:

  • There was no fixed design system for us to work with. In dealing with this issue, we checked all the previous design templates used by the client to create some standard design templates and guidelines.
  • There was not much time to experiment with and research the designs. The client required a speedy delivery of the project. Working efficiently within a limited time frame, we delivered an effective and functional design for users.
  • In this project, the decision-making team was located in the US while the development team was located in Bangalore. There were some challenges faced with regard to communicating the design requirements. We were still able to refine and redesign the client’s website, making it more effective for users.
In bird's eye view
  • Improved design elements, features, and guidelines successfully implemented.
  • A revamped and refined website with a better user experience was created.
Final Impression

GeekyAnts incorporated additional design features and redesigned the client’s website according to the requirements. This led to an increase in website traffic, online user interaction and engagement.