Jul 31, 2023

Wrap-up July 2023: Digital Odyssey. Root Causes. FOSS

In our July 2023 Wrap-up, we highlight a Digital Transformation journey, Root Cause Analysis, Flutter Gauges updates, tech meetups, and more!
Sanna Samvedna Bara
Sanna Samvedna BaraCommunity Associate
Sanna Samvedna Bara
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Wrap-up July 2023: Digital Odyssey. Root Causes. FOSS

Embarking on a Trailblazing Digital Odyssey: Wrap-up July 2023🚀

This month, step into the future of manufacturing as we unveil the thrilling tale of a leading industry giant's ambitious digital transformation journey. Join us on a riveting ride as collaboration with our technology experts paves the path to unprecedented growth and success. From revolutionizing train fleet health monitoring to unlocking the power of AI and Root Cause Analysis, this blog celebrates remarkable wins and sets the stage for an August filled with anticipation, innovation, and learning. 

Embracing the Future of Manufacturing🔮


In the fiercely competitive world of manufacturing, one industry giant has taken a bold step toward securing its future. A leading manufacturer of seals and bearings embarked on an inspiring digital transformation journey, transcending geographical borders to revolutionize its operations in 12+ countries.

By collaborating with our technology experts, the company set the stage for unprecedented growth and success.

The Five Engagements That Paved the Way 🚂 

image (23).png

  • Revolutionizing Train Fleet Health Monitoring 📈

    The journey began with developing sophisticated monitoring systems to track the health of bearings and critical components in the train fleet. Real-time data allowed the manufacturer to stay one step ahead, preemptively identifying potential issues and dramatically reducing downtime.

  • Intuitive Dashboards for Train Axle Boxes and Wheels 🚆

    We created intuitive dashboards to gain deeper insights into their trains' performance. These powerful tools provided real-time information on the condition of axle boxes and wheels, giving the company a comprehensive view of their trains' mechanical health.

  • Expanding Monitoring to Gearbox and Traction Motor 🔍

    Building on the initial success, we enhanced their dashboards further. We incorporated monitoring capabilities for the gearbox and traction motor, empowering their maintenance teams to address issues promptly and optimize operations.

  • Detecting Shock Vibrations for Passenger Safety 🛡️

    Safety and longevity were a top priority for the manufacturer. To achieve this, we helped them develop a robust detection system for tracking shock vibrations in mainlines and metro lines. Early detection and timely action extended the lifespan of their trains and infrastructure.

  • Streamlining Operations with Digitized Tools and Processes 💻

    To improve efficiency and collaboration, the company took our help in digitizing its internal tools and processes. This transformation fostered better communication, faster decision-making, and seamless collaboration across teams.

The successful implementation of these digital tools and dashboards played a pivotal role in monitoring the train fleets effectively. Despite the challenges of real-time data synchronization, our team's dedication delivered a cutting-edge solution. Armed with data-driven insights, the manufacturer now optimizes their operations with unmatched precision.

Success in Numbers 🏆

The manufacturing giant is already reaping the rewards of its digital transformation:

  • 10,000+ Server Data Captured: Robust monitoring systems enabled the collection of valuable server data, granting unprecedented insights into the train fleets' health.
  • Expansion to 12+ Countries: The successful implementation of digital tools and dashboards paved the way for the company's global expansion, establishing their leadership worldwide.
  • 30% Easier Maintenance: Real-time monitoring and predictive maintenance capabilities led to a remarkable 30% reduction in maintenance efforts, driving cost savings and heightened operational efficiency.

Key to Business Success: Root Cause Analysis (RCA) 🔑

In July, we delved into Root Cause Analysis (RCA) for businesses. This powerful tool proved valuable in various industries, including manufacturing, fintech, e-commerce, and healthcare. We unlocked several advantages of RCA for businesses:

  • Process Understanding: Gaining deep insights into complex processes, identifying bottlenecks, and streamlining workflows.
  • Swift Problem Identification: Quickly pinpointing the root cause of issues and failures, leading to faster resolutions.
  • Optimized Resource Allocation: Efficiently allocating resources, optimizing operations and performance.
  • Enhanced Problem-Solving Skills: Improving the problem-solving capabilities of teams through RCA integration.
  • Quality Improvement: Addressing root causes to achieve notable improvements in product and service quality.
  • Proactive Risk Mitigation: Identifying and resolving issues proactively to minimize future risks.
  • Cost Savings: Efficiently identifying and resolving issues translated to significant cost savings.

We can now pinpoint if an issue relates to development errors or uncoupled factors. The team can also decipher whether environmental factors, integration issues, duplicates, or data errors caused an issue.

Unlocking the Power of AI for Business Transformation🤖

GeekyAnts' Lead Business Analyst, Pradeep Subramanium, highlighted the critical distinction between "using" AI and "leveraging" AI in the world of business. Simply adopting AI is not enough; businesses must fully comprehend its potential to seize opportunities for competitive advantage. By effectively leveraging AI across all levels of their organization, businesses can achieve remarkable growth and success. From streamlined communication with AI chatbots to data-driven market trend analysis, the possibilities are limitless. 

GeekyAnts Expands to London!🌐


In an exciting development, we at GeekyAnts announced the opening of our new office in London, United Kingdom. This strategic move enables us to better serve our clients in the UK market and further enhances our global presence. Led by the experienced Madhushree Gupta, the skilled team at GeekyAnts aims to create technological magic in the heart of London.

Here’s where you can find us in London:

📍 SPACES Finsbury Park, 17 City North Place, London N4 3FU, England, UK 📞 +44 (0)2080146956

Visit us or [give us a call]( tel: +44 (0)2080146956) and experience the unparalleled advantage of a digital competitive edge for your business.

Flutter Gauges Updates: Enabling Project Success 🎉

Exciting updates for geekyants_flutter_gauges v1.0.2  🎨 Radial Gauge is now Ready to Use! 🚀

  • 🖱️ Interactivity for Needle Pointers and Shape Pointers: Now, your Radial Gauges come to life with interactive needle pointers and shape pointers! 📐
  • 🔗 Support for Multiple Needles: Add multiple pointers to your gauges! 📌 
  • 🔄 Fine-Tuned Gauge Control over radius, thickness and angles of the RadialGauge for that perfect visual representation!🎛️
  • 🔎 Improved Documentation and Examples Available: Explore our fresh set of examples and docs! 👀 ✨

Upgrade to geekyants_flutter_gauges v1.0.2 and unlock the power of interactive Radial Gauges with greater control and enhanced documentation! 🔓 For details, documentation, and examples, visit the official docs here 👉 [Official Docs] and check out the new examples on the ShowCase app! Happy gauging! 😄 

Video_v_10 (1).gif

GeekyAnts celebrated a milestone as people began using our Flutter Gauges package in their projects. We hope the package's utility and reliability prove invaluable to developers, making their projects thrive. 

Screenshot 2023-07-19 at 11.34.58 AM (1).png

GeekyAnts X FOSS United: Uniting Tech Enthusiasts💡

Screenshot 2023-07-27 at 4.09.37 PM.png

GeekyAnts and FOSS United organized an electrifying tech gathering at the GeekyAnts headquarters. The event featured tech talks by FOSS experts, covering cutting-edge topics that left attendees inspired and informed.

  • Unlocking the Power of Shadow DOM: Delving into the powers of the Shadow DOM and its ability to create encapsulated and reusable web components, reducing code repetition. Speaker- Mukul Ramchandani (Frontend Engineer @hubiloconnect)
  • Building a Complete Cross-Framework UI Kit: Revealing the secret to building versatile UI components that work seamlessly across different frameworks, fostering code reuse and composability. Speaker- Vaibhav Shinde (Developer
  • Streamlining App Quality with Detox: Introducing Detox, an end-to-end testing framework that streamlines app quality and makes testing easier and more enjoyable. Speaker-Sweta Tanwar (React Native Engineer @Rippling)
  • Finding the Balance Between Open Source and Commercial Success: A discussion on community-driven projects and how to strike a balance between open source contributions and commercial viability. Speaker- Pushkar Kumar 

The event concluded with a captivating panel discussion on securing front-end web applications, where tech experts shared insights and strategies to protect against common vulnerabilities. Our commitment to hosting such events demonstrates our passion for technology and community, promising more thrilling adventures in the future.

React Roundtable Talkshow: Delving into Advanced React Patterns 💻

803A4687 (3).JPG

In our first episode of the React Roundtable Talkshow, we brought together experts to discuss higher-order components (HOC), render props, hooks, advanced React patterns, and the latest features like React Suspense and Concurrent Mode. The insightful discussion by Anurag Singh, Nischit Shetty and Shreya Gupta explored how React Hooks simplify code writing and state management within components, while higher-order components and render props unlock the potential for code reuse and composability in React applications. The audience also gained valuable insights into the latest advancements in React, including Concurrent Mode and React Suspense.

GeekSpeak—Flutter Flow: Simplifying App Development for Flutter 📱

Alan Paul Varghese delivered an informative talk on Flutter Flow, a visual app development platform that simplifies the process of building Flutter applications. The talk explored the distinctions between low-code and no-code platforms and weighed the pros and cons of Flutter Flow. The exciting presentation is now available on the GeekyAnts YouTube channel if you want to explore more.

JS Lovers Mega Reboot: Igniting the JavaScript Community 🔥


The JS Lovers Bangalore community experienced a mega reboot with four technical talks centered around JavaScript. The event culminated in a fun quiz that kept participants engaged and entertained. A glimpse into the discussions:

  • The Browser Backstage-Juggling JavaScript: A talk by Vivek Galatage, Engineer at The Browser Company, unraveling the wonders of juggling JavaScript.
  • Testing Strategies for Robust and Reliable React Applications 🛠️: Kumar Price, SDE 3 at Walmart, shared valuable insights on testing strategies for building robust and reliable React applications.
  • React Server Components Made Easy: Tapas Adhikary, founder of ReactPlay, broke down React Server Components and made them easily approachable for developers.
  • Tangled in Tailwind: A Love-Hate Story: Tanisha Sabherwal, Senior Software Engineer at Gamescraft, explored the love-hate relationship with Tailwind, providing an insightful discussion.

Insightful Talks: DevOps Meetup Highlights! 🚀


DevOps enthusiasts gathered for an incredible day of knowledge-sharing with seasoned tech experts.

🔧 Setting Up a HomeLab: From Bare Metal to a Fully Functional Server
Speaker: Srinivas Gowda, Senior Software Engineer at Preqin India Pvt Ltd

Srinivas guided us through building a powerful Bare Metal server from scratch and optimizing it for peak performance. Attendees explored Ubuntu, LVM, RAID 10, Docker Portainer, Nginx reverse proxy, and Proxmox for VM hosting. Security measures and secure logins with Cloudflare Tunnel & Tailscale were also covered.

🛡️ Securing Web-Based Applications/Platforms with Proper Response Headers
Speaker: Kuldeep Pisda, Lead Software Engineer at STGI

Kuldeep revealed the secrets of securing web-based applications with vital response headers: X-Frame-Options, Content-Security-Policy, Strict-Transport-Security, and Permissions-Policy. Attendees learned how to set them up quickly in a Cloudfront distribution and picked up valuable management tips.

🌐 Things Developers Needed to Know About DevOps
Speaker: Robin Biju Thomas, Technical Architect at

Robin empowered developers with essential DevOps knowledge to streamline operations. The talk delved into common issues and encouraged a "cloud-native" mindset for enhanced development skills.

📱An Approach to Running Workloads with Lightweight and Fast Virtualization
Speaker: Aditya Prakash, Senior DevOps Engineer - I at GeekyAnts

Aditya Prakash introduced an innovative approach to handling workloads using lightweight and fast virtualization techniques. He showcased the seamless deployment of containerized application stacks onto microVMs, ensuring optimal resource utilization and secure isolation with zero downtime experienced.

A memorable DevOps Meetup where attendees upgraded their expertise and connected with like-minded tech enthusiasts!

August Anticipation: A Month of Innovation and Learning🌟 

Looking ahead to August, GeekyAnts promises a month filled with exciting events and learning opportunities:

  • GeekSpeak: AI and Tech: An in-depth exploration of the powerful role AI plays in shaping the world of technology and business.
  • Talkshows: Design Dialogues & React Native Rundown: Engaging discussions covering design principles and the latest trends in React Native development.
  • Healthcare Meetup: A gathering dedicated to advancing technology in the healthcare sector, promoting innovation, and nurturing collaborative solutions.

As GeekyAnts continues to push boundaries and transform businesses and industries worldwide, their commitment to excellence and innovative solutions cements their position as technology leaders in the modern landscape. Whether you seek market-resilient applications or cutting-edge technology for your business, GeekyAnts invites you to reach out and embark on a transformative journey of your own.

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