Apr 6, 2023

What Are The Advantages of GeekyAnts Being Vercel Partners

GeekyAnts and Vercel, the brilliant minds behind Next.js, have joined forces in a game-changing milestone that's shaking up the tech world.
ChayanTechnical Content Writer

GeekyAnts recently teamed up with Vercel, the creators of the Next.js web development framework. This is a big win for us, as we were early adopters of Next.js.

We started using Next.js for projects in 2018. Its advantages in building SEO-friendly web applications were too good to pass up. In 2019, after the release of Next.js 9, with improved performance and faster page rendering through dynamic imports, Next.js became our top choice for building web apps. In 2022, we completely transitioned our website GeekyAnts.com to Next.js.

Now, with this partnership, we have become recognized experts in Next.js and other areas of development by Vercel.

The partnership will allow us to create highly innovative web apps by combining Vercel's advanced serverless architecture with GeekyAnts' expertise in the domain. Vercel provides an advanced serverless architecture that allows developers to deploy high-performance web apps efficiently through Git. This is one of the perks that made us fall in love with Vercel from the get-go and eventually become certified partners.

GeekyAnts 🤝 Vercel — What Does It Mean for Our Present and Future Clients?

Advantages of GeekyAnts X Vercel

The partnership is a recognition of our expertise in Next.js, and brings a range of advantages for all our clients and associated partners. Among them, three advantages deserve a special spotlight:

  • Access to experts in Jamstack architecture and Next.js: We can provide access to Vercel's extensive knowledge of Jamstack architecture. This means high-quality apps and more efficient solutions.
  • Faster time-to-market: We can streamline development to provide shorter go-to-market timelines without compromising quality.
  • Strict adherence to industry standards: We have always been stalwarts of quality and have a proven track record of delivering superior quality solutions. Vercel is also a proud member of the MACH Alliance. The partnership is another stamp of our strict adherence to quality delivery.

Finding Us on the Vercel Experts Site

GeekyAnts can be found on Vercel's expert partners list

Spotting us on the Vercel experts page is a simple task. The listing is arranged alphabetically; hence, we can be found in the group starting with the letter - G.

An easier way to find us on the page is by using filters. In the Capabilities section, we appear under all of the following tags:

  • Product management
  • App development
  • Design
  • UI/UX development
  • Integration services
  • Branding
  • Digital marketing
  • Mobile development

In the technology tag, we appear under Next.js and Angular.

What’s Ahead

Future of GeekyAnts X Vercel

Getting recognized by Vercel is a significant feather in our cap. It validates our expertise concerning application development.

As we advance, we plan to keep the momentum going. Our goal is to keep delivering innovative solutions, continue contributing to the community, and stay true to our motto of — Research. Collaborate. Build.

Our partnership with Vercel is a perfect platform to achieve these goals in today’s dynamic tech landscape.

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