Jul 24, 2023

Unleashing Tech Awesomeness with FOSS United!

GeekyAnts in collaboration with FOSS (Free and Open Source Software) United, organized a lively gathering of brilliant minds, cutting-edge tech talks, and endless fun at the GeekyAnts headquarters. Here are the highlights.
ChayanTechnical Content Writer

Tech Speakers from FOSS: Rocking the Stage with Mind-Blowing Insights

The event kicked off with a bang as the tech speakers from FOSS took the stage and unleashed a torrent of knowledge. Here’s what was discussed.

How the Shadow DOM has got you covered — Mukul Ramchandani (Frontend Engineer @hubiloconnect)

The first talk explored the mystical world of the Shadow DOM and its incredible powers in creating encapsulated and reusable web components. Say hello to enhanced code modularity and say goodbye to endless code repetition!

Building a complete cross-framework UI kit — Vaibhav Shinde (Developer @dyte.io)

Untitled (3).jpeg

Our second speaker cracked the code for building a complete cross-framework UI kit. Discover the secret sauce to creating versatile UI components that work seamlessly across multiple frameworks. It's a UI dream come true!

Streamline App Quality with Detox — Sweta Tanwar (React Native Engineer @Rippling)

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Our third speaker revealed the ultimate weapon for app testing. Enter Detox, the magnificent end-to-end testing framework that streamlines your app quality process. Bid farewell to testing headaches and say hello to a seamless user experience. Its testing is made easy and fun!

GeekyAnts: Balancing Open Source and Unleashing Geeky Superpowers!

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Pushkar Kumar spilled the beans on the incredible world of community-driven projects, fostering innovation, and striking the perfect balance between open source and commercial success. 

Panel Discussion: Securing the Front-End Web Security — Unmasking the Heroes!

Untitled (5).jpeg

The conclusion of the meetup was a panel discussion on securing front-end web applications. Our panelists, the heroes of the tech world, engaged in a lively conversation about data protection, secure authentication methods, and defeating the villains of common vulnerabilities. They shared their wisdom, insights, and battle-tested strategies to keep our front-end web applications safe and sound.

Wrapping Up: Get Ready for More Tech Adventures!

Phew! What an exhilarating meetup it was! GeekyAnts' commitment to hosting such epic events is a testament to our passion for tech and community. Stay tuned for more thrilling adventures as GeekyAnts continues to foster innovation, collaboration, and growth within the tech industry.

Watch the full meetup here: LINK

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