Mar 25, 2021

TripAbrood: The Travel App You Never Knew You Needed

The story of how TripAbrood revolutionizes the essence of the tourism market.
Soupam Chakraborty
Soupam ChakrabortySenior Account Manager

What’s on my bucket list? Everywhere.

Traveling is the most alluring, yet magnificent activity that man has ever partaken in since the dawn of time. The fascination is such that one devoid of this activity is considered to have not experienced life at all. Now, no matter the grandeur, planning an excursion, be it solo or with friends and family, could be nerve-racking. Therefore, having an arsenal of tools to help you with that entire process could be a game-changer.

Technology can be a boon and make planning travel a breeze so that one can anchor his/her focus on making memories of the trip. TripAbrood is one such progressive web app that can turn your planning nightmare into a dream vacation. It is nothing short of a savior.

Origin Stories:

Alexa-Maria Rathbone Barker, who is also the founder of TripAbrood, struggled to book the kind of holidays that she, her husband and her three children were looking for, especially due to the fact that she and her husband were working parents and it was difficult for both of them to book a nice hotel at the destination they wanted to visit. It was on one extraordinary day in 2018, when she visualized the convenience of having an app that could plan everything for them without having anyone else looking over their shoulders or collecting breadcrumbs online, and TripAbrood was born. TripAbrood’s three co-founders come with 30 collective years of industry experience in data, technology, and online travel, and that experience would prove to be invaluable for making the journey they embarked on successful. The product, unlike other booking sites, makes use of an interactive user journey that understands each users’ individual travel needs and then applies machine learning algorithms to match users with more relevant hotel options.

Tripabrood addresses the complexities of planning family vacations through an AI-driven virtual assistant namely ‘Skyee’. The artificial intelligence-led travel assistant concentrates on tackling the most complex area of online travel - family holidays - and reinvents the present standard booking flow into a highly personalized discovery journey. This is what makes this idea unique and groundbreaking in the travel and hospitality business.

Jetsetter? More like Trailblazer

It is crucial to have access to the content we need the most in the easiest way possible and the mobile-friendliness of a progressive web app like TripAbrood, leaves no alternative. The dynamics of TripAbrood is to streamline the process for the user and make it easier to make the most out of the services at your disposal.  It is not always trouble-free to navigate through a mobile website though, like when trying to find your gate at the Airport :). 

Awards and Recognition:

TripAbrood has been bestowed upon with laurels and recognition in a myriad of award ceremonies and award shows. TripAbrood has also been nominated for the prestigious Travel Start-up of the Year Travoloution (2020) award and bagged the first prize in the competition, beating some prominent names in the industry for their unique approach to travel bookings and opening up a gate that will revolutionize the industry in the future.

Final Notes:

TripAbrood started out as an idea that would solve travel problems for a single family but has now become a trendsetter in the industry. The innovation behind using technology to make millions of lives easier truly deserves all the praise that it can get. From the entire family of GeekyAnts, we would like to wish TripAbrood all the success and prosperity that’s to come its way and expect to retain the beautiful relationship that we have built with them.

...and as far as traveling is concerned, for those who never go will never know. 

Thanks for reading.


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