Feb 25, 2022

The GeekyAnts Mantra For Employee Appreciation

Employee appreciation is a huge part of an organisation and can play a huge role in keeping your work fam motivated. Read more about how we managed to do it
Siri Kaliparambil
Siri KaliparambilTechnical Content Writer

“A great employee is like a four-leaf clover, hard to find and lucky to have.”

If companies desire to launch a successful appreciation program for their employees, they must support the true importance of recognition. We want to make our employees feel individually valued and show them what they do matters to us. Our mission is to recognize every employee for their individual achievements and contributions. Everyone brings a unique set of skills and personality traits to the company which is what defines who we are and we want to bring out this uniqueness to make GeekyAnts an even better place to work.

We believe, to have the desired impact on morale and retention, appreciation and recognition must serve as a form of feedback that is delivered in a positive way. It should recognize both individual achievements as well as organizational achievements. A successful appreciation program is one that offers support to its employees and boosts the morale of each member of a team. 

“You’ve got to get your team to not only understand the company brand but also their personal brand.”

Why do we recognize and appreciate our employees?

When employees are recognized, the ripple effect of positive energy is felt across the entire organization. We realize that recognition at the workplace helps our employees feel they are seen, valued and can expect fair growth and at GeekyAnts we not only have the management to encourage our employees but we also have a culture when we have team members motivating each other. In our company, we have come up with various processes that help us to motivate our employees when they deserve appreciation for their efforts and hard work.

We aim to provide regular feedback, rewards, and recognition to employees to celebrate and share their achievements and contributions. A culture of recognition not only boosts performance but also benefits our employees by showing them what they do truly matters. but also the organization. The main goal behind employee recognition is to influence and incentivize our employees to perform better and eventually become a source of inspiration to others. 

The GeekyAnts mantra for creating a culture of appreciation

Founded with the motive to be a leading design and development firm, GeekyAnts strives to humanize technology by building beautiful and intuitive application experiences for startups and industry leaders and we couldn’t have done it without each individual who has been passionately working with us. This is a brief article of how we managed to encourage and appreciate our geeks to bring out the best in them:

  • Celebrating birthdays

Birthdays are a time for celebration and we celebrate with our geeks to show them our appreciation for them. Whether it is sending out a personalized card or giving them birthday shoutouts, we want them to feel special on their big day.

  • Festivals and other occasions

Celebrations are not just for birthdays! We strive to keep the workplace lively by celebrating all the time on festivals and other occasions too such as their accomplishments. We want to create a work culture that is appreciative where our employees are filled with renewed energy and enthusiasm and our small tokens of appreciation have gone a long way in establishing that.

  • Peer-to-peer appreciation

Peer-to-peer recognition software is a fun, easy way for our employees to appreciate each other and we implemented a similar program at GeekyAnts so that our staff can appreciate the “unseen” efforts people put in every day to make the company better. Our peer recognition platform encourages employees to take time to recognize coworkers for their accomplishments and contribute to a great culture. 

  • Public shoutouts of appreciation

Our employees work hard and they have helped to shape the organization and we want to make sure that everyone knows about it. Whether it is giving them shoutouts on internal channels or going public through a post to celebrate their accomplishments, we at GeekyAnts display our employee’s trophies on display to let people know how thankful we are for them having gone above and beyond. 

  • Encouraging personal growth

Just as we continue to grow and learn, we also encourage the same behavior in our employees and we do this by helping them to pay for classes they are interested in taking or any training they may need to be more efficient at their job. Increasing knowledge and upskilling are important factors for personal growth and we encourage our geeks to take up courses, attend conferences and workshops, and do other things which will help them. 


Employee appreciation is not just a one-day event for us, it is ingrained in our organizational culture and it is the essence of GeekyAnts. We see that having gone that extra mile to surprise and celebrate our employees has made them do the same for us. Our geeks are our most precious asset and our goal has always been to foster a culture of appreciation that will help them feel valued and appreciated we hope to be continuing to build amazing digital solutions together, as we have till now. 

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