The 13th React Native & 7th Flutter Meetup, February 2020

A Gateway To New Things & New Experiences, Within The Same Four Walls.
Digvijay Wanchoo
Feb 27

It’s just love that makes us go to such lengths to bring the community together every now and then. The arms of our clocks had taken enough revolutions to bring everyone back for another edition of the frequent React Native & Flutter meetup, organized and hosted by GeekyAnts (that’s us, if you couldn’t figure it out).

This was the 2nd event in the year and the 13th for React Native & 7th for Flutter chronologically and for the first time, this meetup had collaborated with and was followed by the first Svelte meet-up, also organized by us (another blog post). With new enthusiasm and a lot of new people joining us to learn more about these technologies, we kicked the show off.

The scheduled introduction to the company was delivered by Atul Ranjan, CTO at GeekyAnts. He welcomed the guests of the afternoon and gave them a brief about us and what we do, which was followed by the speakers of the day and a small disclaimer behind the code of conduct. With that wrapped up, the first speaker was on stage for his talk.

Anurag Vishwa was the first speaker on the cards, tackling the machinery under the hood of React Native. He started off with discussing the benefits of choosing React as a JS framework. He went on to discuss Virtual DOMs in depth and what they achieve, how they are rendered. He then continued discussing Real DOMs and compared them with Virtual DOMs and ended by touching upon React 16 and the ‘Fibre’ feature that it brings with it.

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Next on the stage was Divyanshu Bhargava, whose aim today was to let people know that he works from home and wears pants sometimes & also make building camera apps in Flutter easy to understand. He began by breaking down how a camera works and explored the options that you have if you want to build an app that uses a camera in Flutter. Then he shared code of how to invoke cameras and capture images and videos which can be used in any application that uses a camera.

The last talk of the day was by the returning Hasnen Tai, who runs a YouTube channel and brought a brand new topic to the table in Neumorphism which he explained in terms of Flutter. Following the ‘Skeuomorphism’ way of UI design, the industry has started to take more inspiration from the real world and calls it ‘Neumorphism’. He explained the correct method of implementing Neumorphism and showed some examples with code. He also demonstrated an example that he made using the principles of Neumorphism.

With that, the event came to a close but the fun would continue with the first ever Svelte meetup which came next. That being said, in every meetup that we host, we meet new people who are brimming with enthusiasm and passion towards tech and that excites us. It was an amazing show on a Saturday and we will let the clock run a few laps before we return to the stage once more. 

Until then…