Sep 29, 2023

September 2023: Unveiling Insights and Innovation

A look at GeekyAnts' September 2023: Railway Innovation, Sign Language Tech, React Native EU Insights, and exciting events ahead!
Ahona Das
Ahona DasTechnical Content Writer
Ahona Das
Sanna Samvedna BaraCommunity Associate

At GeekyAnts, September was a whirlwind of innovation, knowledge-sharing, and exploration, and we're thrilled to bring you the highlights of our remarkable journey. Join us as we look back at the standout moments and look forward to what October has in store. 

🚂 The Journey Towards a Connected Future

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GeekyAnts has embarked on a transformative journey with leaders in the railway industry. Pradeep S., Lead Business Analyst at GeekyAnts, aptly describes it: "Technology isn't just a passenger on this journey; it's the engine that propels railways into the future."

Here's a sneak peek into the key takeaways from our projects:

  • Custom-built apps enhance safety by translating shock measurements into real-time insights, swiftly identifying disturbances on the tracks.
  • Real-time monitoring of vibration sensors on axle boxes revolutionizes seismic shock tracking.
  • Strategic sensor placement ensures an effective shock detection system for timely responses.

IT innovation isn't just making railways safer; it is also about unlocking potential for increased speed and reduced downtime. For an in-depth exploration, check out our latest blog: Creating a Connected Future.

👌 Bridging Communication Gaps with Sign Language Interpretation

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In a mission to shatter barriers, GeekyAnts' Software Engineers Priyamvada and Surjeet Singh are decoding sign language gestures with precision. Their project involves meticulous data collection, deep learning model development, and real-time detection through computer vision.

🔮 Future Roadmap: Our aim is to expand the dataset, encompassing a broader array of signs and gestures. Additionally, we're venturing into real-time translation into multiple spoken languages and enhancing the model's robustness to accommodate a wide spectrum of user movements.

Stay tuned for more updates on this exciting endeavor! 🌟

🇬🇧 React Native EU 2023

This month, we attended the React Native EU 2023 in Poland, immersing ourselves in engaging conversations and absorbing insights from thought leaders. From scaling React Native to crafting features efficiently, the event was a hub of innovation and inspiration. 

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⭐ Meetup Highlights @ GeekyAnts


We recently held an in-house SpringBoot Meetup, and it was packed with insightful talks from some of our talented developers. Here's a quick rundown of what happened:

  • Vikrant Pratap Singh ( Backend Developer at Skillovilla)

    Vikrant took us through the latest changes in security, specifically focusing on JWT Authentication in Spring Boot. He kept it short, sweet, and even demonstrated a working project.

  • Mohamed Farhan S (Software Engineer - I at GeekyAnts)

    Mohamed enlightened us on building a GraphQL API using Spring Boot. GraphQL, a modern API language, empowers clients to request precisely the data they need. This approach offers greater flexibility compared to traditional REST APIs.

  • Dibyaprakash Pradhan (Senior Software Engineer - I at GeekyAnts)

    Dibyaprakash covered the latest features in Spring Boot 3 and how to leverage Java 17 and Jakarta EE 9 with it. He also dived into GraalVM Native Image Support and Observability with Micrometer and Micrometer Tracing.

  • Sumukh Bhandarkar (Software Development Engineer - III at Walmart Global Tech)

    Sumukh delved into Tactical Domain-Driven Design, with a focus on Value Objects. He emphasized how these objects, whose value is of utmost importance, enhance code readability and safety.

The meetup was a fantastic opportunity to delve into the latest developments in Spring Boot and gain insights from our talented speakers.🌟

✅ October Ahead: Exciting Events to Anticipate!

Get ready for React India, a two-day extravaganza of all things React. We're also powering the React Advanced London Meetup and diving into the React Advanced London Conference for deep insights into React development.

October promises a month packed with learning and collaboration. Stay tuned for updates and highlights from these events! 🔥

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