Jun 4, 2021

Research. Collaborate. Build. : The Story Behind The GeekyAnts Slogan

Read on to learn about our motto and how it defines our professional values
Siri Kaliparambil
Siri KaliparambilTechnical Content Writer

GeekyAnts: The evolution of a vision

It all started when a group of six technically skilled and passionate people came together to build a company that was different from those that existed at the time. With the passing of time, the budding leaders have elevated the company from its humble beginnings to a self-sustained and successful organization that has carved a niche for itself in the app development world. Presently, with its game-changing vision of how design and development of apps should be, the company is creating revolutionary digital solutions and has worked with  300+ individuals and companies, delivering 500+ projects so far.

Earlier, we followed the motto of “Challenges, experiments and hacking”, which amidst the times described the company and its goals in the most effective manner. But soon we realized that “hacking” wasn’t a very positive word and we changed it to “research” which was when the slogan was changed to  “Challenges, experiments and research”. The cause behind this change was our development which made us realise that we are expert researchers with the ability of adding a creative and unique touch to whatever we do. Now, we stand close to 300 members in our professional family and the need of the moment was to switch up the slogan to align with our present values. As working as a unified team towards a common vision was a goal, we felt the need to emphasize on collaboration. This is when the idea of “Research Collaborate and Build” was born as the formula behind our ever-changing vision. We wholeheartedly believe that a company’s values and ethics can be defined by their motto, which is why we believe in revolutionising the motto as we progress as an organisation.

Why “Research, Collaborate and Build”?

We are a dynamic community who have kept competing with the transitions in the technical universe and kept pace with the changes to achieve success. More than just being mere developers, we like to think of ourselves as future-oriented innovators who are creating wonders in the tech space. As our professional family grew in numbers over the years, collaboration was of prime importance to be able to connect with a single strong identity. Research is another word that describes what we do best as we experiment with the various avant-garde technologies to create apps that are unique. Constant research and our thirst for knowledge has led us to create wonders in the tech space; which also paved the way for us to create our brainchild, NativeBase, which has received multiple accolades from the dev community. Through our other open source experiments, such as SyncState, Formst and React Pluggable, it becomes clear that experimenting is in the core of our heart and our focus as we progressed over the years has been to look at ideas in a non-traditional and creative way in order to build inventive and futuristic applications. What sets us apart from the rest of the development community is our ability to look at ideas in a contrasting way in order to design digital solutions that are faster, while being cost-effective.


How has the new slogan changed the work culture at GeekyAnts?

We believe that the slogan of a company has a direct impact on the way a company functions which parallelly affects productivity and success. The intent behind substituting the motto was to provide our family with the right environment to encourage them to experiment and build. We also are of the faith that reflection through collaboration is a great way for team-building and to boost productivity. We, at GeekyAnts, follow the policy of holding daily standups, both between the management as well as individual teams to ensure maximum coordination, especially during the pandemic as we’ve adopted a remote working culture over the past year. Project level stand ups and weekly demos are also an integral part of our philosophy to bring everyone on the same page. Another way to bring the community together has been through the multiple channels being employed on platforms such as Slack, where any new developments can be discussed ensuring that every single individual is encouraged for their work. We have also adopted an Agile/Scrum model of working where meetings are held on a continual basis to ensure that the development of projects are going as planned. The goal behind such measures has been to eradicate any communication barriers while making sure the organisation is functioning as a well-oiled machine.

To Conclude..

Our family is a tech-friendly community of developers that love to research, collaborate and build amazing things. Throughout the years we have built wonderful technologies, made massive open source contributions, attended multiple conferences and tech conclaves in order to dive deep into the development community while diversifying our talents. With the many laurels and praises that we have received from the community as well as our various partners, our groundbreaking work in the tech realm has spoken for itself while exemplifying our values as a company! We have delicately crafted our motto not just to represent us as a brand, but an eager group of young professionals who uphold the highest standards of integrity with the zeal and passion to experiment and design applications that truly stand out. We believe in nurturing a culture of innovation for a community that is performance driven!

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