Jul 18, 2022

React Native Hackathon 2022

Let us take you on a journey of what all happened at the React Native Hackathon 2022.
Charmy Dafda
Charmy DafdaTechnical Content Writer

We know how all work and no play can make people dull. The right way to go about it is to find a balance between both by creating meaningful things and having some fun while at it. We, at GeekyAnts, did just that on 2nd and 3rd July 2022. We organized a 24-hour-long React Native Hackathon where tech-savvy developers came together under one roof and participated to prove their mettle, have fun, and win prizes.

The chief purpose behind organizing this event was to provide students, freshers, and skilled professionals a platform to innovate and add to their skillset. It was a community-building activity where everyone could participate for free to learn and network with like-minded people.

The venue, iNeuron’s workspace, was filled with brimming faces when our CEO, Sanket kick-started the event with his enthralling keynote as always. The mix of the audience comprised students, working professionals, entrepreneurs, freelance developers, and everyone who had a knack to take on tech challenges heads-on. Krish Naik, co-founder of iNeuron also joined in for an insightful conversation with Sanket on community building. We could feel the vibe was set for them to start with the event.

Hitesh Choudhary, CTO of iNeuron addressed the enthusiastic participants by introducing Native Base, GeekyAnts, and iNeuron. And then it was time for some fun games. The themes for this hackathon were fintech, abstract games, healthcare, streaming platform, open innovation, and transportation. The tech stacks they could utilize included React, React Native, Native Base, Expo, Next.js, Firebase, Supabase, and AWS.

The competition was fierce, to say the least, and the coders enjoyed it. After the given timeline, the top 10 teams were selected, who then proceeded with their presentations. The submitted codes were then evaluated to decide the final winner. There were cash prizes worth Rs. 3.5 lacs and many more that were distributed to the deserving best developers.

We are delighted to have gathered positive reviews from all participants. It was a great experience for everyone involved. Solving problems, finding not the easiest but the most practical solutions, and having a zeal to innovate are our motivations behind organizing these events.

This is how the teams presented their work:

The crowd also loved the prize distribution ceremony:

Last but not the least, it was time for some celebration for reaching the milestone of 600k+ subscribers on YouTube:

We will meet soon with another chapter of the same series, where skilled techies collaborate to build something new.

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