May 13, 2021

Progressing Daily: GeekyAnts Achieves Three ISO Certifications

We are proud to announce that GeekyAnts has recently achieved three certifications adhering to ISO standards
Siri Kaliparambil
Siri KaliparambilTechnical Content Writer

We have come a long way since our humble beginnings and as an esteemed app development company who believe in delivering only quality outcomes for our clients. As we progressed over the years, we have streamlined our processes and paved the way to go forward while also opening up multiple business avenues with high profile clients in the future. We are ecstatic to announce that GeekyAnts is now ISO certified against ISO 9001:2015 (Quality Management), ISO 27001:2013 (Information Security Management System) and ISO 20000:2011 (Information Technology-Service Management System). The intent behind applying for the certification is because we manage our partner's sensitive data and we needed to autonomously confirm that our processes were without fault whilst ensuring an efficient management system, both internally within the company and with our partners.

How it started

In late 2018, we consulted with a consultant and conducted a preliminary audit of the company’s processes. After thoroughly analysing and assessing the processes of the organisation, he informed us that we were lacking certain systems which were causing leakages within the company and it was necessary to fix this to be compliant with ISO standards. The next step was simple. We had to work on certain measures to improve our standards and streamline the processes of certain departments pertaining to Administration, HR, IT, Client Experience, Sales, Business Development, Crisis Management and Services. It is safe to say that the company structure was revolutionised and restructured for the better.

The Changes

After the preliminary audit, we set about making significant changes to certain departments which were in need of it. One of the first departments to receive a revamp was the HR vertical. A digital portal was introduced to ensure management and to keep track of the work cycle of the employee and their life within the organisation. The entire hiring process was also digitised and a portal was provided for the HRs wherein they could have full control of scheduling right from the receiving of the application to the final onboarding, post signing of all contracts.

An XP portal was also designed to keep track of client information. This portal provided for centralisation of the data collected for better management and planning of projects. Considering the entire process was automated, it provided for better documentation of the planning and phases of execution included in the project, as well as generation of invoices. Clients were also prompted to sign NDAs and a clear Statement of Work was also provided to our partners which would outline the requirements and layout of the project.

We also had to make significant contributions to the IT department to keep up with ISO standards. Checks were conducted by the consultant to see the current position and maintenance of the IT infrastructure at the time. Strong Firewalls and VPN connections were established to ensure security and privacy of internal data as well as bring all systems and IT assets on a singular network for easy maintenance and monitoring. JIRA was adopted as a bug fixing tool, along with the currently used tools, for the collective understanding of reports which could be used to improve processes. We were also required to change up our R&D processes and define a clear destination or goal, so as to cut down on the time spent on product management, and make the product development process more fruitful.

We also had to revolutionise our entire business process and make our goals more long term. We did this by targeting more leads, acquiring more clients than we had in the past, and more importantly collecting feedback from our partners to make productive changes to the present processes. Another aspect to look while defining our business processes was risk management and a fitting method to handle the grievances of our clients. We had to ensure that we were in a position to handle crisis situations and we did this by maintaining rigorous and constant quality checks over the past years.

Moving forward…

After the recent audit that was held, we the GeekyAnts family, are proud to announce that we have been awarded the certification for the intent of the company to adhere to ISO standards. Our goal is to achieve perfection, whether in the way we function internally or in regards to the services we provide. We are also aiming at achieving a CMII certification which signifies higher standard level internally within the company. Our progress over the years has been tantamount to the praise that we have received from our partners for our services. We aim to revolutionise ourselves constantly to be a significant part of the dynamic world and we are sure that we shall have more exciting news coming your way soon!

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