Feb 24, 2022

@mospherePro: Redefining Privacy And Security On The Internet

The @mospherePro app makes real-time, peer-to-peer encrypted file transfer possible and you end files across any device regardless of your location. Read more about it here.
Soupam Chakraborty
Soupam ChakrabortySenior Account Manager


The original @mosphere app was born because the founders’ wanted to make the internet a safer place and their experience in the field put them in the perfect position to create this unique offering which offers users added security when transferring files using the platform. After witnessing the success of their brainchild, Kevin, Colin, and Barbara decided to embark on this amazing journey to smoothen the user experience of the @mosphere App which resulted in its advanced version- the @mospherePro app, which streamlines and filters content further. It also allows anybody with @mosphere’s flagship offering- the Atsigns, to enjoy enhanced functionalities on the app. 

In other words, the @mospherePro app is a prettier, more attractive, streamlined, and user-friendly version of the original @moshphere MVP version which already managed to gain quite some traction in the market. After getting an @sign, you'll gain access to the @mospherePro app, which will open up a world of possibilities with an improved UI/UX which follows the concept of exchanging data as quickly and easily as possible. 

@mosphere Pro:

The @mospherePro app is a fully encrypted end-to-end file-sharing app. It's also peer-to-peer, meaning only the sender and the recipient have the necessary encryption keys to decipher the message. No one can access your encryption keys, and they’ll have zero visibility into your sent files, ensuring you the privacy that you need. This has not just addressed the most pressing problem that we have about keeping things to ourselves and our loved ones when sharing things on the internet, but it has also resolved the issue of discussions about one's professional data being leaked to unwelcome sources. Other file-sharing services forward files from the sender to their servers which then deliver them to the receiver, because of which the service provider has access to the encryption keys. This means not only do these service providers have access to your data, but your transferred files can potentially be leaked to hackers. The @mospherePro app addresses this issue as it allows you to own the encryption keys, which means your files won't be stored on the server, granting you extra security and privacy.


Flutter was yet again used in constructing this helpful yet captivating platform, just like the original @mosphere application, and Dart was used as usual to create the whole backend. The primary purpose for using Flutter to create this app was to make it accessible on any platform, including mobile phones, tablets, and even desktop computers. Flutter is a portable UI toolkit from Google that allows you to create attractive, natively built apps for mobile, web, and desktop from a single codebase. It is open source and works with existing code, making it convenient for developers to streamline the development process, and it is used globally. Flutter being Google's mobile app SDK is replete with a framework, widgets, and tools that allow developers an easy method to design and launch aesthetically stunning, fast mobile apps on both Android and iOS platforms. It also facilitates the development of cross-platform mobile apps that are secure and simple to understand. 

@mospherPro utilizes several of The @ Company’s in-house widgets like: 

  • At_onboarding_Flutter
  • At_contacts
  • At_backup_keys
  • FileBin


With the increasing rivalry of mobile phones and tech enthusiasts making us feel more vulnerable about our privacy, @mospherePro is proving itself as a game-changer in the business as the most reliable, easy-to-use enjoyable program which comes with a multitude of useful applications. 

To know more about the app, visit: 

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