Jul 19, 2023

Making Information Come Alive: Unleashing ALBUS

Listen to Kartik Mandaville, CEO of SpringWorks and an alumnus of Carnegie Mellon, speak about Albus, powered by ChatGPT-4 AI technology.
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Albus is powered by ChatGPT (GPT-4), one of the most advanced AI technologies available today. By leveraging GPT’s natural language processing capabilities, Albus can provide a more intuitive and user-friendly experience for employees.

When it comes to effective communication, it's not just about conveying information but creating an immersive experience that truly engages people. With ALBUS, you can revolutionize the way employees interact with information by leveraging the cutting-edge capabilities of ChatGPT (GPT-4), one of today's most advanced AI technologies. ALBUS brings a whole new level of intuitive and user-friendly experience to the table.

But let's dive deeper and explore the questions that employees often encounter when joining a new company and navigating through knowledge-based documents, presentations, and internal wikis. ALBUS is here to help address these kinds of queries:

  • What is the name of the customer success manager for client XYZ
  • What is the current status of a ticket and when was a particular feature launched?
  • How many customers have made inquiries in the last three months?

The Wizardry of ALBUS

Chatbot & Albus

By tapping into GPT's natural language processing capabilities, ALBUS enhances the information-seeking journey. It starts by collecting data from various tools like Slack, Google Drive, and Notion. This data is then transformed into embeddings, which are computer-readable representations of natural language.

Note: To make searching faster, creating smaller documents optimized for efficient retrieval is preferred.

Overall, Albus is designed to make searching for information easier and more efficient.

So, how does ALBUS handle user queries?

When a query is submitted, ALBUS converts it into embeddings and searches the database. The results are meticulously re-ranked using text and vector data to ensure relevance.

ALBUS in Action: Elevating the Employee Experience

For example, if you have a question about the company's remote vacation policy, you can ask Albus by using the following prompt:

"How do I get reimbursed for workation?"

Albus will not only provide an explanation but also indicate the source of the answer, enabling you to validate it yourself. You can also download or upload it if you like. Moreover, if you have a difficult question regarding reimbursement, Albus can guide you on how to upload your bill, submit expenses, and more by referring to the handbook.

image (36) (2).png

Finally, suppose you need the company's GST number to purchase new software. In that case, Albus can provide it to you.

"What is the GST number?"

This is about understanding the GST number. The difference between a regular Google search and a GST number search is that the latter will show you a list of documents where the number appears, rather than giving you a direct answer. In the past, Google used to just give links to websites instead of the direct answer. Nowadays, chatbots like Albus can access the links and provide direct answers, saving you a step.

image (37) (1).png

Let’s take a look at one more instance. Albus has incredible information processing power.

For instance, if there is a company outing happening in a remote location, a typical question might be,

"Where will we go for the alcohol night?"

The bot will extract information from the Slack channel, understand it, and then tell you the location for the company outing.

Even though the information is private to you, it can understand when you ask

“How do I reschedule my flight?”

The bot will automatically co-relate that the question being asked is in context with the previously asked question and generate a response accordingly.

image (38) (1).png

The Tech Behind ALBUS

ALBUS is driven by advanced AI techniques that enable efficient information retrieval and analysis. Here are the core functionalities and components that make ALBUS a game-changer:

Data CollectionGather data from various tools and transform it into embeddings, creating smaller, searchable documents.
Data Storage and SearchLeverage a vector database and Elastic search to store and retrieve information effectively.
Query ProcessingConvert user queries into embeddings and refine search results through re-ranking techniques.
Additional ToolsDiscover complementary tools like Chrome extensions, a lead policy generator, and a document analyzer to enhance browsing and analysis capabilities.

This incredibly powerful chatbot strives to provide accurate answers across a wide range of queries. However, given the complexities of natural language understanding, occasional inaccuracies may occur, so users are advised to verify critical information independently when necessary.

ALBUS opens the doors to a new era of information retrieval, offering a conversational and immersive experience that brings knowledge to life.

Watch the full All Things AI meetup on YouTube to explore ALBUS in action!

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