Apr 21, 2023

Graphic Design Trends Making The Rounds In 2022

Here's the GeekyAnts take on the top most graphic design trends that'll make the rounds in 2022.
Aditi Sachan
Aditi SachanGraphic Designer
Aditi Sachan
Megha JayanSenior Graphic Designer

Graphic design trends are ever-evolving, and keeping up can be a tough challenge, especially if your focus is to create designs that want to stand out. If you don't want to follow trends blindly, consider blending certain elements that work for your brand. This article will list how the creative design team at GeekyAnts stays trendy without sacrificing branding too much. This year will be a mix of nostalgia, movement, and open-mindedness.

In this article, we'll share a few ways to be trendy without compromising brand identity:

2D/3D mashup

3D and 2D mashup design trends are taking a new dimension where they merge with each other, bringing a fresh perspective to design. 2D/3D mashup design is the upcoming trend for this year. The merger of 2 dimensional and 3-dimensional elements has led to impressive designs where highlighting and shading techniques have been used to give depth to designs. This method also allows designs to have depth with 3D visuals and mashups of 2D on the background or as elements. A smart way we achieved a 3D feel from 2D elements is by using gradations, highlights, and shadows in sync with each other.

insta christmas post-13.jpg

Fonts with a twist

Welcome to 2022! A year where we will witness more playfulness and abstract font designs. 2022 would also be a year for mismatched letter styles and we have combined both fonts in our branding to offer you just that. Have a look! There's a massive shift from clean business fonts to fonts having twists and turns in our logo. By adding a serif font to the creative, we have brought in more personality to the design. It also emphasizes and brings more attention to specific elements and adds character to print design, posters, and other creatives. When clubbed with san serifs, these fonts project a high contrast to the entire design making it more visually pleasing.

Our branding font comfortably straddles the line between austerity and friendliness. Hence, incorporating a serif font brings out a lot of movement in the creative, making it stand out from the rest.


Candy colors

Vibrant eye-candy color schemes are going to be a thing this year as this can evoke a youthful vibe and convey the feeling of warmth and positivity. They also work exceptionally well when clubbed with 3D illustrations. This illustration is set to take your design to the next level while conveying a warm and positive vibe. Exploring around with bold shapes using bright colors which are in sync with our branding did the job for us. Look at an example of this given below:


Riso Print

With 2022 being the comeback year for Riso print, this unique and unexpected design pattern will make a comeback too. Being a structured brand, it came as a bit of a challenge to portray the imperfections made by the ink bleeds, which was then achieved with the application of minimal yet structured forms to provide a connection with the brand identity. The concept of the identity is centered on the idea of imperfection where the brand logotype and identity work through those imperfections created by the ink bleed.

womens day-01.jpg

Art Deco

After years of uncertainty and chaos, we are seeing designers go back to the basics by delivering comforting and visually aesthetic designs. One upcoming trend that stands out from the others is the art deco movement. Designers include this trend by playing with geometric shapes and symmetry by using strong, clean strokes and adds depth to the design using lines which make it stand out from the rest of the elements in the creative. Taking inspiration from Art Deco and incorporating geometric shapes, particularly triangles and lines and large unused spaces helped us achieve the goal.


Muted color palette

Muted color palettes have a low saturation that are not as bright or vibrant as other colors. It has held a place in the design industry for a very long time now, and the art of balancing colors together is a must-crack trick that any graphic designer needs to learn. This is why using a muted color palette combined with a candy color scheme will balance out the design evenly. Usage of beige, gray, and white gives creatives a very light feel, and combining it with a little red provides a perfect balanced branding palette.


Holographic design

Holographic design requires futuristic and high-tech aesthetics which are achieved through different design techniques. These graphics provide a sense of movement and depth which make the designs appear as though they are in 3D. A mesh gradient in combination with 3D elements works the best for these kinds of designs. We achieved a 3D feel from 2D elements by using gradations, highlights, and shadows in sync with each other in the example shown below:


Paper cutout

People are most entertained by asymmetry, so an effective way to attract attention and emphasize something is through the paper cutout method. In this year's trends, most are aimed at attracting the user's attention and this method is also one of them. Users are already bored with predictable and simple page layouts which are built mostly using the same bootstrap grids. The asymmetrical interface layout is another answer to the requirement of personalization. The trend is visible in menus, buttons, or all kinds of content or graphic elements. Before you use this trend make sure it contributes to ease of use and great experiences on your site.



Psychedelia as a graphic design trend is back! Colorful graphics and textures that mirrors the carefree spirit are once again finding their way in the modern world. If you love psychedelic art, chaos, and color, you're sure to love the psychedelic trend in graphic design that is currently very popular. Psychedelic graphic design mirrors the use of vibrant and bold colors, yet it also reflects dramatic changes in form, texture, and composition as an illustration of the strength gained from internal turmoil.

Canva Button-01.jpg

Old and retro

Speaking of creative graphics, this kind of graphic design style is often referred to as a 'forever trending' graphic design style. Many historic eras and decades have influenced the art and design industry and will continue to do so in the near future. These kinds of designs are distinguished by their unique use of colors and font styles.



2021 is over, but graphic design trends in the past year have already had an enormous influence on how we brand, illustrate and package our work and we expect more of the same from 2021. While we anticipate that designers will remain dedicated to making their work more accessible, authentic, and responsive in the coming year, we're also excited to see how new graphic design trends will emerge this year!

Use our insights to choose the perfect graphic design trends for your upcoming projects and let us know how it goes!

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