GeekyAnts @ STEP Conference, Dubai 2020

Middle East's Biggest Tech Event In The Heart Of Dubai.

Welcome to Dubai! The STEP conference is back with its 8th edition in Dubai Internet City. The entrepreneur extravaganza, dubbed as the  ‘Most experiential tech event in the Middle East’, the STEP conference is known to bring the best in leadership and entrepreneurship under one roof for two days to valuable insights and extremely useful content.

STEP initially took its baby steps as a series of workshops and gatherings designed for up-and-coming entrepreneurs and has grown in its 8 years of operation to one of the most influential and biggest tech leadership conferences, hubbed in Dubai Internet City. 

Continuing its venture, STEP hosted over 8000 attendees and showcased 400+ startups in their two day carnival and this time, GeekyAnts marked its presence in the biggest business conference of the year.

Kumar Pratik, Managing Director, GeekyAnts & Apoorva Sahu, CFO, GeekyAnts were the ones representing our colony in the midst of the Dubai Internet City, the central hub of all tech in the and of the sheikhs. With a plethora of events going about in the conference, ranging from talks 7 workshops to satellite events and meetings, startup programming and various avenues for entertainment, GeekyAnts’ sole goal was to take in as much knowledge as we could to facilitate the growth of our organization and to make our services and functions reach a whole new level of amazing.

This year’s STEP conference focused on investment, small cap IPOS ion investment market, with an estimated over $1 Billion ready to be invested in ideas and startups. Another topic that was focused on was Startups vs. Venture Capitals. There were talks and discussions on DaS startups in the emerging markets as well as challenges & opportunities ranging from data collection to subscribers.

One interesting panel discussion was on Data Privacy and how it should be given top priority. The panelists in the discussion were Amer Attyeh from Exponential, Aws Alnabulsi from Gamiphy, Emre Fadllioglu from App Samurai & Ramzi Haddad from Boopin.

Other industries that were talked about were the music and entertainment industries, stating that over 4000 songs are released on the daily, as well as social media influencers and digital marketers sharing their ideas on the topic. There were also discussions about Robotaxis being available commercially by 2023 on the StepX stage.

A big thanks to STEP conference for hosting this amazing conference every year. It was an amazing experience to network with entrepreneurs from across the globe and make new friends within the sphere. And if we did not get a chance to meet in this year’s conference, maybe we’ll meet you in the next.

Until then…