Sep 30, 2022


We conducted a tailor-made, interactive induction program for our newly joined interns and employees to help them understand the values of the company, and meet the leaders on a personal level to develop better connections.
Sony Gupta
Sony GuptaTechnical Content Writer

Productivity, skill and collaboration are crucial for the success of an organization. An organization that ensures new team members understand their importance from day one is one step closer to staying business resilient and uninterrupted growth. Hence, a well-crafted induction is crucial for new team members.

We, at GeekyAnts, prioritize interactive inductions and ensure new joiners understand their potential. Our program, known as FreshGeeks, is a tailor-made induction program for all new employees and interns.

Why does FreshGeeks matter?

We are a social first, community-driven company. One of our top priorities is motivating our employees to stay happy and productive. The aim is to make them feel valued, provide them a roadmap, inspire them to be brave with technology and always stay hungry to make an impact.

Interactive induction programmes lay a solid groundwork for understanding the company's culture, policies, vision, mission, what's expected, and what to expect. As a part of the attitudinal training, and to develop a better connection with the Geeks, our CEO, Sanket Sahu, shared four very inspiring stories. Tales on fear, pride, failure, and staying hungry.

Our Chief Geek, Sanket Sahu, sharing stories on the stage

Experience Driven Lessons

The fear of public speaking is something which most people have. Glossophobia, as it is called, can be crippling. Our Chief Geek, Sanket Sahu, expresses he had it too. But his dedication to overpower the fear with his mantra “fight or flight” inspired him to perceive and deliver a talk at one of the biggest conferences in the world. The next anecdote has resilience sprinkled all over it. No doubt, it is one of the most important life skills to learn. It is easy for anyone to share their successes but it takes courage to share stories where things go south. A story where the team comprehends and learns why failing at an early stage helps while working with Builder X. Adding to his “You’re tougher than you think'' series, he shares his favorite story, where our Chief Geek draws some inspiration from his father and his undying hunger to learn more and do more.

These stories not only built him, but it also helped him build his “dream company”. A company where people: 

  1. are driven by forward thinking ideas
  2. build the future of mankind
  3. build anything big or small

A team that encompasses all the above qualities while staying socially connected and they do that with their “interests” and not “obligations”.

They say, “Teamwork makes the dream work”. We can very much agree with this as GeekyAnts was built by a bunch of Geeks who never stopped believing in themselves and the company.

Kumar Pratik, Managing Director, Sanket Sahu, CEO, Atul Ranjan, COO, Megha Kumari, Director of UI/UX Design, Varun Kumar Sahu, Director of Engineering, Saurabh Sahu, CTO, Apoorva Sahu, CFO, Gaurav Guha, VP of NativeBase, Aswathy Anil, VP of Sales and Business Development, Pramada Sahu, VP of People and Business Partnership, Vaishali Anand, Head of Social and Community, and Sarwar Imam, Head of Recruitment.

A group picture of all our leaders

Beyond FreshGeeks

By the end of the session, the Geeks were aware of the organization's information, its core values and culture, its benefits and policies along with learning and development.

To help the new joiners start off with the right foot, our Chief Geek also shared some resources to refer to and take insights from -

  1. Don’t Fuck Up the Culture by Brian Chesky, CEO, Airbnb -
  2. How great leaders inspire action by Simon Sinek -

Beautiful Polished Rocks by Steve Jobs -

A happy picture of our interns after the induction

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