Aug 9, 2022

FinTech Hybrid Meetup

FinTech industry is growing at an unprecedented pace and we are keenly keeping an eye on it. This is how we discussed the latest trends and developments in our first FinTech Meetup.
Charmy Dafda
Charmy DafdaTechnical Content Writer

It was the last Saturday of July 2022 and we decided to spend it discussing finances and technology with the community. Our ant base was all set to host online and offline speakers and audiences from all walks of life.

This was our first hybrid FinTech meetup which aimed to provide an open and collaborative environment where people can discuss their experiences and new ideas in this sphere and learn from each other.

Digvijay Wanchoo, Growth Marketing Manager, opened the event with his usual warm welcome note that stirred the audience to the upcoming activities. What followed was an unprecedented exchange of information and ideas.


M Martin James Jebasingh, Senior Executive - Partnership and Growth, delivered an insightful keynote. He briefly walked the audience through the event's agenda. He talked about the evolution and current scenario of fintech, why it is essential, and how innovative technologies such as AI and ML help change lives through FinTech. In his short but remarkable address, he made the audience aware of GeekyAnts’ role in the fintech sphere, which spans approximately 15 fintech projects, including both the technology and R&D aspects.

Save Smart, Spend Smarter: Nikhil Joseph

The first expert speaker of this event was Nikhil, Lead Investment Analyst from Multipl, which is a SEBI registered investment advisory working towards providing people with personalized, unbiased, and effective saving options. He started the conversation which revolved around saving funds and their importance. Elements of personal finance, the importance of savings, the ways to save, and how we can enhance the returns on savings and investments by appropriate planning were some of the highlights of his talk.

He also explained the US market trends of investments over the last ten years and how we should practice investments. He also enlightened us about the benefits of various models of savings, including the market saver model, tagged market saver model, and brand saver model, and their benefits.

Fintech And Its Impact On Business: Ashwin Narkhede

Ashwin, Deputy VP, Tata AIG General Insurance Co. Ltd., was our second guest speaker and joined us online. His experience in the industry spans working with asset management liability systems, mutual funds, boolean goals, and stocks. He started his address by explaining to us about his venture InsurTech, which is an AI-driven insurance start-up. He went on to explain the evolution of insurance products, the stages in insurance, sections of the insurance business, etc.

The key highlights of his address include bringing light on how the InsurTech journey started with innovation and how technology helps change various aspects of insurance such as distribution, customer experience, making data-driven decisions, etc. He emphasized that introducing advanced technologies helps simplify the user experience by making the entire process of buying insurance and keeping a tab on it more transparent. This eventually helps insurance businesses grow and cater to a wider customer range.


After these insightful talks in the first half of the event, we halted for a short break where the audience had a nice time catching up with each other and the guest speakers, along with refreshments. The second half of the session included a guest speaker address and a panel discussion.

The FinTech Industry Is Being Reshaped By AI & ML: Jignen Pandya

Jignen, the third and last guest speaker for the event, also joined us online. He works as the VP Sales & Marketing at Expert App Devs. His address to the audience touched on all the important aspects of using AI and ML to modernize and uplift the current processes of fintech businesses. He started by explaining what FinTech is, the changes since its inception to the current day, what AI is, the impact of AI on the fintech industry, real-world applications of AI and ML in the fintech industry, and so on.

He also enlightened the audience on the importance of AI for security in fintech transactions. His insights about the pros and cons of using AI and ML for fintech businesses were easy to understand and relatable to the audience. He concluded the talk by discussing the concerns and opportunities of these advanced technologies in the fintech sector.

Panel Discussion

Kunal Kumar, VP Strategic Accounts, along with all the three guest speakers, helped the audience solve their doubts and queries during the panel discussion. Kunal also shared his experience of working with the fintech sector clients and the upcoming opportunities in this sphere. All the knowledge they provided can not only be useful to techies involved with fintech app development but also to one and all present there who want to take care of their finances in a more organized way. Our audience was visibly delighted to receive this information about the new way of looking at FinTech.


With this, we came to the end of the event. It was an informative and interactive session where the audience and our expert speakers shared great ideas and had some fun. We look forward to hosting such collaborative events in the future with the aim of empowering everyone to build things.

Until next time!

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