Mar 26, 2021

Ed-Tech: The Future Of Education

How GeekyAnts is ushering traditional methods of learning into the new era of digitization.
Digvijay Wanchoo
Digvijay WanchooMarketing & Communication Manager

Even though technology has found its way into the smallest crevices of the industries of the world, teaching and learning being one of them, the ‘Education’ industry exhibited a good amalgamation of both technological advancements and traditional practices. A solid example, quite simply, resides in the existence of books and the act of gathering students in a classroom, albeit smart. This, however, does not diminish the profound effect of technology on how education is perceived and delivered in the modern day.

The use of technology has not only revolutionized existing teaching practices, but has also paved the way for new methodologies to impart knowledge and integrate engagement and relevance to real-life problems within these practices. The emulsification of tech and education might have been slow and steady, but the recent pandemic managed to boost this process multifold and create a truly digital learning environment for students of all levels and ages.

  • Today, 40% of Schools in the UK support the tech For engagement in digital classrooms, which is up by 29% since 2019.
  • Over 70% educators now believe that tech is a core part of learning and agree that it is the future.
  • The worldwide e-learning market is forecasted to surpass USD 243 Billion by next year, out of which self-paced e-learning courses hold a substantial share.
  • Technological advancements in analytics and performance tracking is found intuitive and highly helpful by 92% students worldwide.

What has technology brought to the industry?

Edtech is a sector that is dedicated to utilizing technology to help education make progress. The Association for Educational Communications and Technology (AECT) defined EdTech as “facilitating learning and improving performance by creating, using, and managing appropriate technological processes and resources.” For educators, EdTech is a movement that is replacing the traditional pen and paper methods towards a more ‘digital’ approach. In its own fashion, EdTech has brought some interesting advancements with it:

  • Video Assisted Learning is all the rage today. As an attempt to replicate in-classroom training, video assisted learning has become even more accessible and effective with the ease that today’s technology offers. Animations, visual aids and clever effects in videos are used to make content more comprehensible and it works wonders.
  • Blockchain has truly brought about a massive change in how data is handled in the industry. Blockchain has allowed educators and curriculum planners richer data on students, their learning patterns, weak areas and so much more, which assists better lesson planning and improved outcomes.
  • Artificial intelligence, without a doubt, has been one of the biggest contributors to the Education business. Automated examinations, grading and counselling is assisting educators by relieving them of redundant tasks and helping them focus more on ‘educating’ students. Not just that, AI today is also being utilized to provide automated support and tutoring outside the classroom, and are responsive to a wide array of unique learning styles.
  • Blended learning incorporates both face-to-face and virtual learning in various degrees to facilitate deeper learning through unique blending strategies. This is often used to accommodate students and help them transition into digital formats of learning with ease. These strategies hold the potential to improve productivity and accelerate learning, while maintaining costs.


GeekyAnts Contribution To Ed-Tech

GeekyAnts has been a steady contributor to the ed-tech industry with its innovative solutions to drive better learning. We have had the pleasure of collaborating with some of the biggest names in the industry and developed tailored solutions to help them change the face of how education is perceived in the new world. Some of them are:

  • We partnered with a mom turned entrepreneur who wanted to turn screen time for children into a learning experience. With a goal to help children become global citizens, we helped PopSmartKids develop a digital platform that promotes learning through gamification, with engagement built for kids and parents alike. On this platform, children can engage themselves in activities based on story writing and drawing in groups. React & React Native with Google’s Firebase were the choice of tech for this product.
  • We worked with Lamno on building an online portal dedicated to industry freshers and professionals to keep up with the industry and get hired. Using React, we designed UI/UX and integrated the portal that allows users to learn from industry experts and companies with industry-grade open source projects and relevant resources.
  • We helped a tech giant, SIMAVI Romania, on their eLearning solutions for educational institutions and government organizations using React and NodeJS. The portal is an e-Authoring tool that holds over 7k interactive educational resources in different subjects like Mathematics, Science, Political Science and more. It can also be used to attend and complete online based courses for students and teachers alike.

Final Notes

As technology continues to grow and have great impact on Education and the way it's delivered, the industry's future is only looking to benefit from it, as it has in the past. As leaders in tech, we are constantly looking to revolutionize such industries with our digital solutions with the only goal of promoting and driving prosperity. We look forward to what the future holds for education and the role that we will play in its advancement. 

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