Oct 4, 2022

Community Townhall for the Design Systems Community

We held the inaugural townhall for the Design Systems Community of GeekyAnts on September 29. 
ChayanTechnical Content Writer

Community Townhall for the Design Systems Community

On 29th September, we organized our first town hall for GeekyAnts’ Design Systems Community. Himanshu Satija, Assistant Director of Engineering, Geekyants, headlined the event, followed by a brief insight from Geekyants CEO Sanket Sahu.

Here are the key takeaways.

Collaboration and Constant Upskilling Will Be Key in Building a Thriving Community — Himanshu Satija

Design systems were envisioned to streamline communication between the design, development, and product management teams. To achieve this goal, sustained awareness and community development are needed, both between the design system team and social media teams and content providers. It is also necessary to spread knowledge about design systems throughout the tech community. 

We are to create a community around this brilliant initiative. Like React Native and Flutter, the goal is to create a thriving community around design systems. Our design systems team is breaking new ground as we make unique design systems for clients ranging from large furniture companies to telecommunication companies.

Meenu Makkar, Software developer, Geekyants, recently presented a glimpse of our philosophy of design systems at the React India event in Goa.

“There are multiple reasons to be part of the design system community. Doing so will not just upskill your knowledge but also provide insights about the latest trends in the domain, which will help build better apps.”

Geeklego and the Future of Design Systems: Sanket Sahu

Design systems will be vital in the coming decade. Any business that wants to develop consistency across products will need a design system.

GeekyAnts: Design Studio is continually trying to bridge the communication gap between UI/UX designers and developers. Our experience in implementing design systems for multiple organizations has taught us that the atomic design methodology works well to build a foundation for organizations to develop and implement their design systems. GeekLego, a subsidiary that provides design systems solutions to clients, is in the works. This will help increase the collaboration goals. Its release dates are coming soon. 

We warmly urge all enthusiasts to participate in this exciting era by sharing their ideas about design systems and contributing to its growth.

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