Jun 8, 2022

Choosing A Career With GeekyAnts

Ever wonder what all can be achieved if you work at a collaborative, flexible, and supportive workplace? Let's hear it right from one of our most dependable team members.
Vaishali Anand
Vaishali AnandHead of Social and Community Marketing
Choosing A Career With GeekyAnts

Having a wide array of professional skills under your belt is often a good thing but achieving that feat takes you on a difficult journey.

Imagine being asked to start your journey as a doctor someday, after working as an engineer all your life! Isn’t that an uphill battle? It is!

You will be asked numerous questions and have to put in a lot of effort despite knowing that there’s a high chance of failure.

On the other hand, becoming a sales and business development professional after leaving your job as a software engineer seems like a more doable task. You can also move on to explore marketing, branding, and the social aspect of running a business. However, these career transitions take time and span decades because of the lack of opportunities, trust, or confidence to make that leap of faith.

Fortunately, GeekyAnts made this journey possible and easy for me.

Fresh out of college, I joined GeekyAnts as a software developer in 2018. After being trained, working on internal projects, and being mentored, I was finally allotted a client project. The first few months were a blur, but slowly I got the hang of it. I had been coding in Java, C, and C++ since I was in eighth grade, and having pursued a degree in computer science, I wasn’t new to the tech space. I started developing mobile apps in React Native. I was doing a fairly good job and delivered quality work.

But after one year, when I was working on my third client project, I realized I was merely going through the motions.

I loved working and putting in my hundred percent but began dreading coming to the office. After a bit of introspection, I figured this had nothing to do with the office environment or the work being assigned to me. I just didn’t enjoy what I was doing anymore. I did not want to code for the rest of my life.

As liberating as this realization was, it was scary for someone who was only a year old in the corporate world. Voicing such concerns to your employers is not always easy, so I concluded that quitting this job and finding a new one that better suited my interests (which I did not know until then) was the way to go. This could have been a disastrous decision that would have led my career astray had it not been for our founder.

The shift to business development

Once over a casual conversation about work, I managed to muster some courage and mentioned that I was thinking of quitting because I wanted to pursue different things professionally. The assertive discussion that followed left me relieved and feeling positive about my future here. The next day, I had three different meetings with different stakeholders in the company, including our MD, who told me that we had various departments in the company and I could spend time in all of those and choose which one was best suited for me. If the management thought I was fit for the role I were to choose, I could switch my role and get started there.

I was stunned! Firstly, I didn’t know this option existed for me. Secondly, I could start afresh, with the people I know, in the place I already loved! It was a dream come true.

I trusted my mentors and my gut to take the first big decision of my life on my own. I left my role as a software engineer and joined the sales and business development team at GeekyAnts. Friends and family advised me otherwise and tried to shed some light on the monetary repercussions. But I have always followed my heart and money was the least of my concerns then. I just wanted to enjoy and look forward to the work I did 40-45 hours a week.

And that’s precisely what I did!

It was a great learning experience. Being a developer, software development was the only aspect of the business I was aware of. As a part of the business team, I understood the ins and outs of running a business. The finance, legal, and technical aspects of the mammoth task that is running a company were new to me. There was so much to learn and implement. After having done this for 2.5 years and onboarding 30+ clients in that time, it was again time for something new.

The social side of the organization

The management needed someone to streamline the company's social and marketing side, and I was actively involved in social activities throughout my time here. Seeing what I could offer, I was offered another internal transition and the opportunity to take over the social and marketing team. Now, I work closely with the social, community, marketing, content writing, video, and employee engagement team and help with the company's branding, PR, social, and all public-facing aspects. I thought I had learned quite a lot of things these last few years when I made one transition, but there was so much more to learn, and I was just getting started!

In the end

I have achieved diverse work experience over a short period of time. GeekyAnts supports such career transitions for every deserving employee. I have seen test engineers become software developers, designers begin to code, and business analysts turn into designers! GeekyAnts fosters growth and learning and nurtures its team members to provide such opportunities to all employees, including me. I believe if I could experience something like this, so can everyone else working here. The mindset here is to make sure that when the organization grows, employees grow with them. So come and learn, grow and find your passion right here at GeekyAnts!

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