Apr 21, 2023

Benefits of Hiring a React Native Development Team With Core Contributors

This article explores who are React Native core contributors and why it is essential to ensure that your React Native development team has core contributors in it.
Ahona Das
Ahona DasSenior Technical Content Writer


Suppose you have a great app idea. If done right, this app will boost your business in multiple ways. It will simplify customer outreach, increase brand awareness, improve customer retention, and streamline business processes.

After evaluating the goals of your application, you eventually decide to create the app with React Native. And why not? Reach Native delivers great app performance, supports third-party plugins, and has great community support. Additionally, building a React Native app is cost-efficient.

But what should be the team composition of the dev team that builds your app?

Well, there are three things to consider when evaluating:

  1. Expertise of the developer
  2. Experience of the developer
  3. Track record of the dev team

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And scoring high on these three factors is a group of developers who are known as core-contributors in the React Native community. Who are they, what makes them awesome, and why they are a must-have in your dev team? We answer these questions in this blog. 

Who Are React Native Core Contributors?

Core contributors to React Native are developers who have been recognized for their valuable contributions to the project. They work closely with other contributors and the community to review and approve changes, address issues, and shape the future direction of React Native.

Becoming a core contributor is not easy. Apart from having to be highly skilled and experienced (with JavaScript, React, mobile app development, and related technologies), a developer needs to contribute to the React Native project by fixing bugs, improving documentation, adding features, or helping with other areas of the project.

This can be done by submitting pull requests (PRs) to the official React Native GitHub repository, participating in discussions on the React Native GitHub issues page, and engaging with the community. The bar is extremely high.

For example, GeekyAnt’s Cyrus Passi became a core contributor when his PR, a part of the RFC that aims to reduce fragmentation across platforms, got merged. Another one of our devs, Ankit Tailor, also contributed a PR along the same area. His PR unified accessibilityState* by adding aria-disabled, aria-busy, aria-checked, aria-expanded, and aria-selected props to core components.

Our React Native Core Contributors
Our React Native Core Contributors

Why Hire Dev Teams with Core Contributors?

Think of it like this — if React Native is the Force, then core contributors are mighty Jedi masters who can use the Force exceptionally well.

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If a developer has the core-contributor tag, you can be assured they know their stuff. Here is a closer look at the numerous benefits that working with core contributors ensures for your app:

  • Better App Performance and Quality

    Core contributors can leverage their deep understanding of React Native and its architecture to deliver incredible, high-quality apps that are optimized for performance and scalability.

  • Get the Latest Features and Updates

    As core contributors develop new features and keep the framework updated, hiring a dev team with core contributors ensures access to the latest features and updated technologies, making your app more stable and robust.

  • Fix Bugs and Resolve Issues Quickly

    Core contributors are very familiar with the codebase of React Native since they are constantly working on it. This helps them to identify and fix issues quickly during app development, ensuring faster time to market and a fully functional app.

  • Building a Stronger Dev Team

    React Native core contributors train and mentor team members on the job, making for a strong dev team that creates a high-quality codebase for your app.

  • Apps Built with Best Practices

    This, again, is a no-brainer, as core contributors are usually involved in setting best practices and industry standards for React Native app development. With core contributors on your dev team, you get an app that is of top-notch quality, built according to these guidelines.

  • Involvement in Ongoing Maintenance

    React Native core contributors can provide continuous updates and maintenance for your app post-launch. This ensures that your app remains future-proof and grows with your business.


When building a React Native application, it is highly recommended to go for a team that has at least one core contributor to the framework. This will ensure faster development of the app and a better return on investment when the app is deployed.

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