Aug 10, 2022

A New Period In Workplace Leave Policies!

We are welcoming a new menstrual leave policy in our workplace. Let's tell you all about it!
Charmy Dafda
Charmy DafdaTechnical Content Writer

More often than not, in the absence of appropriate leave policies, working women in all sectors inevitably apply for sick leaves during that time of the month. This might even land them with no leave balance when they are actually ill. Not to mention the amount of stress and discomfort the whole situation causes when they have to lie about the reason for their leave.

Thankfully, things are changing now! Organizations are now opening up to embrace menstrual leave policies that allow women to be themselves.

How is GeekyAnts addressing this need?

To address similar concerns of our female employees, we have resolved to introduce a menstrual leave policy in our workplace. It allows women to take a paid leave and a work-from-home day every month. The objective is to provide our employees with an amicable workplace culture where they are free to express themselves and ask for the benefits that are rightfully theirs.

Some glimpses into our new policy:

  • Our menstrual leave policy includes providing our female employees with an option to choose from full-day or half-day paid period leaves.
  • They can also avail of two additional half-hour breaks if they are not going on leave.
  • To help female employees ease any of their hesitations, we will also be making these leaves auto-approved. They need not discuss the reason further if that makes them uncomfortable.

Furthermore, we also have stocked some of the medicines and products they might need during that time in our workplaces.


We believe that equality is all about providing everyone with equal opportunities to grow as well as thoughtful considerations about their wellness whenever required. With this menstrual leave policy, we are hoping to solve a few health-related concerns of our existing and future female employees.

Here’s to the well-being of women in the workplace!

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