Anmol Sehgal

Software Engineer - I
An aspiring front-end developer, currently working on technologies like ReactJS, Redux, passionate about exploring new technologies to work with and writing clean, efficient and understandable code.
Front-End Development
Redux Hooks
The Most Amazing...
....We built a project named Pathpradarshk which was a navigation-based project for specially abled people in which we implemented a 3d view navigation system to resemble the surrounding, which helps them navigate on their own. This project led us to win HackTIET by Thapar Institute of Engineering and Technology.
Interest & Expertise
  • Functional programming patterns / Modular Code
  • Good Coding Practices
  • New App/websites development
  • Learning new technologies
  • Creating new logics with great performances
  • Winners of hackathon - HACKTIET by Thapar Institute of Engineering and Technology , Patiala, Punjab - 2019.
  • Secured Position Amongst Top-5 At Electrothon, A Hackathon By Nit, Hamirpur - 2020
Frontend Framework & Library
React.js, Tailwind
HTML / CSS, JavaScript, TypeScript
State Management
Redux, Redux Saga
Cloud Services
Bill split web app
Web app in which 2 friends can split their expenses paid by one another. Splitwise is a web application in which 2 friends can add their expense and split their amount. According to their shares. They can settle the amount and unsettle those expenses accordingly. They can keep records of all their expenses either they owe or lent to others. Technologies :- ReactJS, Redux and Redux hooks, Redux-Saga, TypeScript, Firebase, TailwindCSS.
Drawer App
Web app in which you can make cards. Drawer App is a Web application in which you can make different graphics by adding different shapes with custom color and size and images. Technologies :-ReactJS, TypeScript, TailwindCSS, React-DnD,Fabric.js.