Amritansh Kumar Mishra

Software Engineer - II
Individual with strong computer science abilities and technical knowledge in the support of specialized programming projects utilizing web-based and client-server tools. I am interested in working as a developer. Equipped with strong software design, development, and maintenance skills.
React Native
The Most Amazing...
....thing I have done is, While working on react native jest test case generator. I figured out how to automatically generate the jest test of all the typescript files and also filled out all the possible test cases whether the prop is mandatory or not.
Interest & Expertise
  • Mobile App Development
  • Architecturing App Code Design
  • Writing Scalable Code
  • Open Source Contribution
  • Love New Technologies
  • Badminton and Cricket
  • Animation
  • A 3-year active member of NSS. In 3rd year I was selected for Head of my NSS group in college
  • Attended workshops and camps conducted by the NSS unit since 2016
  • Won the best Swachh Bharat volunteer award in college
  • Won Lan gaming contest in college fest
HTML / CSS,JavaScript,C++,TypeScript
Version Control
Project Management
State Management
Redux,Hooks (React)
Design Tools
Adobe XD
IntelliJ,Visual Studio Code,Sublime
Mobile Framework & Library
React Native
Android Studio,X-Code,Figma
Shell Script
Cloud Services
Firebase Storage,Firebase Messaging
Test Case Generator
This app is currently running in 15+ colleges. It has two panels, one is an educator and the other one is a student. Educators can upload notes, assignments, and lecture videos, schedule live classes, take assessments, take attendance, conduct-examination and so on. Same for Students but they can only preview and upload feedback, give assessments, attend a live class, and so on.
Tech Stack- React Native
This app is for preparation of IIT, NEET, jee-mains and so many exams. This has offline and online exam features, custom-MCQ, and random-MCQ tests—a library that contains notes, audio, and video.
Tech Stack- React Native
This web app is for admin only (as so many doctors and senior professors are uploading data for my preparation app from this platform).
Tech Stack- ReactJs
App for Selling or Buying Old Things
This app is to sell or buys things even in small amounts as well as big amounts. It has two panels, one business account and the other one a private account. It has end-to-end chat and offers features between a buyer and a seller for each particular ad. Multiple logins of accounts with follow and unfollow features.
Tech Stack- React Native
React Native Jest Test Case Generator
This is a plugin that generates the Jest unit test cases by parsing typescript formatted react native components using the [Yeoman]( generator.
Tech Stack- React Native and NodeJs