Aditya Prakash

Senior Platforms Engineer - I
I am an AWS Certified Developer - Associate and a technical enthusiast always looking forward to exploring new things and looking for opportunities that offer me changing assignments that will further my personal and professional development.
The Most Amazing...
....I have created a solution for Coal Mine Ventilation Network Analysis.
Interest & Expertise
  • Exploring new techs
  • Web Development
  • Public Speaking
  • Sports enthusiast
  • Problem Solving
Backend Framework & Library
Laravel, Node.js, Express.js
MySQL, MongoDB
Frontend Framework & Library
JavaScript, Java, Python
Version Control
Git, GitLab, GitHub
Project Management
VS Code
State Management
Cloud Services
Doctor Appointment App
An app for booking an appointment with a single doctor in fixed time slots on working days. This app used Node.js and Express.js along with Sequelize on the backend. React.js was used as the frontend library for building the UI components.
Food Ordering and Visual stock portfolio Analyser App
In these apps, I Implemented the core logic and several other different parts of the backend using Java, SpingBoot. Also developed and debugged test case scenarios using JUnit and Mockito.
Assessment of redistribution of air quantity in required modification in a coal mine using ML algorithms
Developed a ventilation network model in which we can determine the changed air quantity and pressure drop whenever any modification in air quantity is done to any of the branches of the coal mines. I have also developed algorithms for forwarding and backward distribution of air quantity which will serve as input to the machine learning model in which RandomForest Regression was used.