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Khatabook is an Indian initiative to make wealth management simpler for people of all walksof life.They collaborated with us to build a mobile app for their service which was built in ReactNative, a web app built in React and employed MolecularJS and MongoDB + MySQLDB in the backend.The app is live and has already helped 10M+ people manage and save money.

Mobile and web app development for KhataBook
Mobile and web app development for KhataBook

What We Do Best

500+ projects deep and still going deeper in the Mobile & Web App development space. From A to Z of building beautiful apps, we do everything in-house, GeekyAnts style.

UI / UX Design

Unique designs for your product, guaranteed to be user-centric and a visual treat!

Web3 @ GeekyAnts

Start your journey into the new face of the web, with ultra-modern apps built in Web3 technology.

SolidJS @ GeekyAnts

SolidJS is an open-source reactive JavaScript framework that allows to create seamless user interfaces

Quality Assurance

No compromise on the most important thing - the 'quality' of what we deliver. Exceeding your expectations is in our DNA.

API Development

Careful API development to ensure your apps and features enjoy uptime, all the time and bring maximum profit.


Incremental development and automation, so that you can showcase your product with pride, quickly.

Web & Mobile App Development

Using State-Of-The-Art technologies like React, React Native, Flutter... and more, to make your products scalable and future-ready.

Project management

From the beginning, to the end, trust us to push your project in the best direction and get the best outcome.

Maintenance & Upgrades

We offer support every step of the way, even after the product is complete.

Business Analysis

We discover, study and document business needs in collaboration with stakeholders and propose foolproof solutions that fit like a glove.

Our Team

Meet the amazing craftsmen that make wonderful things happen on a daily basis.

Our Culture

Take a sneak peek into the lives of our geeks when they’re AFK.

Open Source & Products

Made out of our love for experiments or out of sheer necessity to solve problems in the development sphere, our open source contributions and products are built for you.


Cloud based design tool that codes.


UI Library for React Native & Vue Native


A battle-tested API maintenance platform


State Management for React

React Pluggable

Add features without changing existing code


Streamline evaluation, for companies and interviewees

Tech We Love

Made out of our love for experiments or out of sheer necessity to solve problems in the development sphere, our open source contributions and products are built for you.
React Native
Go Lang
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We help revolutionize industries and transform them digitally with our tailored solutions, designed only to take them to the top.
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eCommerce Industry Software & App Development
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Finance, Banking and Insurance
Finance, Banking and Insurance
Finance, Banking and Insurance Industry App Development
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Manufacturing Industry Software & IT solutions
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Healthcare App Development Services
Healthcare App Development Services
Contributing to the digital healthcare ecosystem in the process of digitization.
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Travel & Hospitality
Travel & Hospitality
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Social media & Communication
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Fantasy Sports App Development


Learn from subject matter experts, interact with tech enthusiasts, and experiment on your learnings. Join one of our communities to upgrade your skillset.

Community Meetups

We love the developer communities around the globe and host/organize regular meetups (now virtual) to talk about the latest tech. We also attend tech conferences worldwide!
React Native Hybrid Meet-up
React Native Hybrid Meet-up
Hello React Native enthusiasts, We are excited to announce that we are organising a React Native hybrid meet-up on 10th December, 2022! Grab the opportunity to share your knowledge with the community to discuss everything related to the React Native zone.
Design System Hybrid Meetup
Design System Hybrid Meetup
Lately Design Systems is all the hype, and while on the surface, it appears to be something essential and obvious, deep down it has so much to explore and learn about, so we thought why not dedicate a day, to just that! Presenting our second, Design System Hybrid Meetup! Join us, as we delve deeper into it, on 26th November 2022.
React Hybrid Meet-up
React Hybrid Meet-up
We organised React Hybrid Meet-up, an event filled with all things React, and more! We got the opportunity to share our knowledge with the community, learn even more, and discuss all there is to, about React, with the best of the best!