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Leading companies across the globe have put their faith in us to drive innovation and develop tailored solutions for them.

Khatabook is an Indian initiative to make wealth management simpler for people of all walks of life. They collaborated with us to build a mobile app for their service which was built in React Native, a web app built in React and employed MolecularJS and MongoDB + MySQLDB in the backend. The app is live and has already helped 10M+ people manage and save money.

Mobile and web app development for KhataBook
Mobile and web app development for KhataBook

A long term client with over 2 years of engagement, Mobile Premier League (MPL) is India's biggest online gaming platform that offers the ultimate gaming experience to users, who can play 40+ games including fantasy sports, that we helped redesign using React, React Native with Redux, Sentry, Babel and Objective C.

Redesign gaming app for Mobile Premier League (MPL)
Redesign gaming app for Mobile Premier League (MPL)

Being official service providers for Google since 2017, we've been working closely with the Flutter team at Google on many engagements and have contributed to the official Flutter documentation. We're also a part of the Google Developers Programme and attended numerous conferences with them.

GeekyAnts is an official service provider for Google
GeekyAnts is an official service provider for Google

Taking logistics to the next level with an all-encompassing web app, PayPoint is dominating as UK's largest logistics service provider, backed by React Native, Firebase, a brand new UI & UX design and our guarantee.

Logistics app development for PayPoint
Logistics app development for PayPoint

One Championship focuses on bringing enthusiasts of MMA and other sports, all on a single platform to discuss and watch their favorite games together. We built a robust platform for them in React Native which is now live in app stores across platforms.

App development for One Championship

911 Software Inc. is a payment gateway provider that aims to provide the ultimate Payment processing gateway. They are trusted by over 60 POS systems & 50,000 Merchants since 1995. We built their web platform using the MEAN stack, in combination with Feather.js and MySQL.

web platform development for 911 Software Inc.

Marigold Health is amplifying Community Behavioral Health by giving patients with mental health issues or substance abuse conditions a place to feel heard and get better through counselling. Built in React with Redux, React Native, mobx-state-tree and Feather.js.

Support Group Therapy App For Marigold Health
Support Group Therapy App For Marigold Health

Pencil app provides a solution for businesses to own their product advertising/promotion by helping them create/edit custom ads and publish them on social platforms. We are creating their FE dashboard using React and the Editor using React+FabricJS.

FE dashboard development for PENCIL

Blue Label Solutions LLC is New York City's Top App Development Agency. They build and transform businesses through design, strategy and application development and we transformed their services through multiple engagements. We've built platforms and apps for them using React Native, Firebase & React.

Platform and app development for Blue Label

Bringing all the good features of social media into a single app, Liviit aims to remove the everyday clutter on social platforms and bring focus on the things that really matter. Liviit was built using React Native with AWS S3 and Exchange Mail Server as service providers.

Social Media App development For Liviit
Social Media App development For Liviit

A fresh new take on dating and finding friends came with Twirl, that brings the vision of dating with video interactions to life. We built a mobile app for Twirl in Flutter, GraphQL, Phoenix and Elixir. Twirl is now live on app stores across platforms and already helping people find love.

Mobile app development for twirl

We helped Lamno build a web platform through which it partners with top technology companies to help prospects understand how they solve interesting problems with tailored courses. We worked on the web platform in React and facilitated UI/UX design as well as integration for the platform.

Web platform development for Lamno

Moven’s platform enables you to engage in real-time with your customers during their spending and savings throughout the relationship lifecycle. The platform is AI-driven, delivers personalized smart-banking solutions and is built in React Native, React & GraphQL.

Moven logo

Scroll News is an independent source for news that covers news, politics, sports, culture and everything in between. We helped build an ideal mobile and web platform for it using Flutter, GCP, Firebase, NodeJS and Postgres.

Mobile and web platfrom development for SCROLL NEWS
Mobile and web app development for Link

Sprive is a smart technology that takes years off your mortgage and saves you thousands of pounds. It compares the market 24x7, helps you switch whenever a better deal is available and is completely free. We built a mobile app for Sprive using React Native and Redux.

Mobile app development for Sprive

UK based Amana skincare is one of the fastest growing product based companies that delivers beauty products based on skin types of consumers. We built a typical e-commerce mobile app as well as a web app in React + React Native with Styled components and Firebase.

Mobile and web app development for Amana skincare

An inventory management system like no other, Sortly is the new and easy way of managing inventory, no matter if your business is big scale or small. The web app for Sortly was built in React

Web app development for Sortly

We've helped Canada keep their flights on time with AirOps, a platform built for airports and pilots on duty to keep track of their flights and operations, as well as manage them on a single platform. The mobile app was built in Flutter and the web app was built in React.

Mobile and web app development for AirOps

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What We Do Best

500+ projects deep and still going deeper in the Mobile & Web App development space. From A to Z of building beautiful apps, we do everything in-house, GeekyAnts style.

UI/UX design

UI / UX Design

Unique designs for your product, guaranteed to be user-centric and a visual treat!
Web & Mobile App Development

Web & Mobile App Development

Using State-Of-The-Art technologies like React, React Native, Flutter... and more, to make your products scalable and future-ready.
API Development

API Development

Careful API development to ensure your apps and features enjoy uptime, all the time and bring maximum profit.
Project management

Project management

From the beginning, to the end, trust us to push your project in the best direction and get the best outcome.


Incremental development and automation, so that you can showcase your product with pride, quickly.
Maintenance & Upgrades

Maintenance & Upgrades

We offer support every step of the way, even after the product is complete.
Quality Assurance

Quality Assurance

No compromise on the most important thing - the 'quality' of what we deliver. Exceeding your expectations is in our DNA.
Business Analysis

Business Analysis

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Open Source & Products

Made out of our love for experiments or out of sheer necessity to solve problems in the development sphere, our open source contributions and products are built for you.

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