Vanishree Yaji

Vanishree Yaji

Software Engineer
GeekyAnts - Bangalore, India

A girl who loves to code & develop front-end web applications.I prefer React to build web application and redux to communicate the data between components.Likes to write clean and flexible code.Prefers render props over HOC.I Follow up advance react patterns regularly.Has experience in angular,react and react- native,meteor,vuejs.Likes to transform static webpage into animated one using pure css..Loves to solve puzzles also active on hacker rank.


The most amazing...

... I have done are Twitter Sentiment Analysis, predicts recent sentiment of the keyword based on tweets.



Scala , SCSS , TypeScript , MongoDB , JavaScript , HTML / CSS


VueJS , AngularJS , React MUI , React Bootstrap , Meteor , Express.js , React Native , React + Redux , React


Prettier , Redux , Eslint , React.js


Sublime Text , Apache , Atom , VS Code


  • Frontend Coding
  • UI Design


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