Tech Talks

at GeekyAnts
We believe in sharing our knowledge with everyone and that is exactly what we do in our weekly internal tech-talks. Watch our tech talks below and learn new things with our geeks.
Building Games in Flutter
Sumant Raj, Software Engineer at GeekyAnts shares the developmental process behind his own very first Canvas-based game in Flutter.
A guide to Giving Great Talks
There is no secret formula for delivering great talks but there are secret ingredients. Listen to Digvijay Wanchoo as he shares his secrets to nailing a brilliant talk.
GeekyAnts @ Flutter Live '18, London
Google organised a live event for Flutter in London in 2018 and we were there. Follow Ruchika as she shares her experiences from Flutter Live '18 and announces new changes in Flutter.
Introduction To React Hooks
In our last Tech Talk, Akarsh Srivastava from our team presented on React Hooks.
Extending JavaScript
Our latest tech talk was based on the topic 'Extending JavaScript' by Rishabh Karnad from our team.
How JavaScript Works
Detailed talk on JavaScript by Himanshu Satija from our team. This talk covers basic idea of JS, comparison with other languages, setTimeout and few other important topics.
Machine Learning
Artificial Intelligence is the new fire in the IT forest. Almost everything today runs on AI and it’s development is nothing short of rapid. Machine Learning has been identified as the mother of AI which is a crucial piece of knowledge to gain.
Advanced React Component Patterns
This Tech Talk is about advanced React Component Patterns.
Deep Learning With React Native
This Tech Talk is about Deep Learning With React Native.
Building a Crypto Tracker App
This Tech Talk is about Building a Crypto Tracker App.
Introduction to Firebase
This Tech Talk is about Firebase.
Route Resolver
This Tech Talk is about Deep Learning With Route Resolver.