Tech Talks

at GeekyAnts
We believe in sharing our knowledge with everyone and that is exactly what we do in our weekly internal tech-talks. Watch our tech talks below and learn new things with our geeks.
Redux Thunk, Generators and Redux Saga by Pranjul Sharma
Pranjul Sharma, Software Engineer at GeekyAnts presented a talk in our weekly tech talk session. Topics covered: • Brief intro of Redux • Redux Thunk • Generators • Redux Saga
Validate JS with Redux Form by Vinay Sharma
Vinay Sharma, Software Developer at GeekyAnts shared his experience on "Validate JS with Redux Form" Topics Covered: - Challenges faced - Problem solved with Redux Form - Validate.JS - Challenges solved with Validate.JS
Svelte.js - New JavaScript Framework
Rajat Jainwal, Software Engineer Intern at GeekyAnts presented on Svelte.js, a trending JavaScript Framework. He talked about Svelte.js, Component Structure in Svelte.js & Reactivity.
React & D3 Together
Vanshu Hassija, Software Engineer at GeekyAnts shared his experience of using "React & D3" together. Topics Covered: - What is D3.js? - Why use D3.js and React if only d3 can do everything. - How D3 and React can be used together. - Code demonstration
Step Sequencer in Howler JS
Vinay Sharma, Software Engineer Intern at GeekyAnts took the stage & mixed his two passions together & presented something unique.
Tips & Tricks in Firebase
Pushkar Sharma, Software Engineer at GeekyAnts shared his tips on Firebase. Topics Covered: - What is Firebase - Database - Cloud Firestore vs RealTime DB - Pricing - Data Modelling
Journey from FeathersJS To Laravel: BuilderX Edition.
Aditya Jamuar, Software Engineer at GeekyAnts shared the journey of BuilderX from FeathersJS to Laravel.
Snake 2D Game in Flutter and Flutter Web
Suresh Konakanchi, Software Engineer at GeekyAnts created 2D Snake Game for us to play. Topic Covered: - What is Flutter? - What is HummingBird? - Is Architecture for mobile and web different?
Designs of Social Media
The Designs of Social Media" by Probin Johori from our team. The talk covers the following: - Phone usage around different users. - Humans and their relation to cellphone - Role of designers and developers - Time well spent
React Native's New Architecture
Talk on React Native's New Architecture by Siddhant Goswami, Software Engineer at GeekyAnts. Topics covered in this talk: • How to React Native works today - Technical Introduction • Problem with React Native • Compare how the web has solved these problems • React Native's New Architecture • Fabric • JSI
The What and Why of Elixir
Vikram Pratap Singh, Software Engineer at GeekyAnts shared his insight to new technology, Elixir, the reliable backend.
Tour to Virtual Reality by Sumant Raj
Sumant Raj, Software Engineer at GeekyAnts presented a talk on "A Tour to Virtual Reality using ReactJs + A-Frames"