Tech Talks

at GeekyAnts
We believe in sharing our knowledge with everyone and that is exactly what we do in our weekly internal tech-talks. Watch our tech talks below and learn new things with our geeks.
Calling C code in Dart using Foreign Function Interface by Manuinder Sekhon
Manuinder Sekhon, a Flutter Software Engineer at GeekyAnts shares his perspective of using Foreign Function Interface in codes. It covers topics such as Introduction to FFI, why to use and Building an FFI plugin.
Geo-Spatial Rest Backend Using GeoDjango By Nayan Jyoti Das
Nayan Jyoti Das, a backend developer at GeekyAnts briefs us on Geo-location using GeoDjango. This video will give you an idea about using Django to build REST API for geospatial data storage and queries.
Using React Hook Form in React Native Projects By
Sankhadeep Roy, Engineering Manager at GeekyAnts, takes you through his latest experiment of using React Hook Form with React Native. This instructional video will take you through the steps for implementation so you can add forms to your app in no time!
Introduction to AWS Amplify By Viral Sangani
Viral Sangani, Software Developer at GeekyAnts briefs on the fastest and easiest way to build mobile and web apps that scale using AWS services.
Exploring Recoil With Sanket Sahu
Sanket Sahu, CEO & Founder of GeekyAnts explores Recoil, a state management library for React. Recoil lets you create a data-flow graph that flows from atoms (shared state) through selectors (pure functions) and down into your React components.
Snake Ladder Game In Flutter Web
Sumant Raj, Software Engineer at GeekyAnts built a Snakes & Ladders game in Flutter Web and talks about his experience through the process and how he did it. He touched upon topics Why Flutter Web, Previous games built using Flutter & Coding
Micro-Services & Angel Framework
Suresh Konakanchi, Software Engineer at GeekyAnts took the stage and shared his experiential knowledge on Micro Services and Angel Framework. He touched upon topics such as Micro Services, Angel, Middlewares, Request Life Cycles and more.
Revisiting Concurrent Mode in React
Aashish Tiwari, Software Engineer at GeekyAnts Revisited Concurrent Mode After An Year in our weekly tech talk session. He touched upon topics such as Problems faced by React developers, Features, Data Fetching with Suspense and more.
Understanding DI & Provider in Flutter
Raja Jain, Software Engineer at GeekyAnts presented a talk on Understanding DI & Provider in Flutter in our weekly tech talk session. Topics Covered: - Dependency Injection - Inversion of Control - Provider - Inherited Widget
Create your own Redux with RxJS
Rishabh Karnad, a software engineer at GeekyAnts shared his working experience on Redux. Topic Covered: - What reactivity is - How RxJS can help you with it - Create our own Redux store with RxJS
Getting Started with SwiftUI
Anushka Agrawal, Software Engineer at GeekyAnts shares her experience of working with SwiftUI. Topics Covered: - How to develop an application for the Apple Platform? - What is SwiftUI? - Why use SwiftUI? - Declarative Syntax
Redux Thunk, Generators and Redux Saga by Pranjul Sharma
Pranjul Sharma, Software Engineer at GeekyAnts presented a talk in our weekly tech talk session. Topics covered: • Brief intro of Redux • Redux Thunk • Generators • Redux Saga