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Tailwind is a utility first CSS framework that is built for rapid UI development and configurable design. Its core value is simplicity. By being un-opinionated and largely framework agnostic, it gives the developer the flexibility and ability to style apps written with React, Angular and even pure HTML.


Why Tailwind

Tailwind because:

  • Utility First - Tailwind is about providing the right building blocks that compose really well.
  • Framework Agnostic - Tailwind can be used with React, Vue, Angular or even pure HTML. It fits naturally into popular abstractions for modularity like UI components.
  • Easy To Configure - The entire theme and design standards of your app can be configured from a single JSON file.
  • Extensible - Tailwind lets you create and add plugins for things that aren't provided out of the box.
  • Performant - Tailwind generates CSS classes and does rely on JS during runtime. As a result it keeps app load and render times low.
  • Smaller Bundles - Tailwind classes that are generated but not used can be purged from the final app build, reducing the network load when loading the app


  • Redux - A Functional Programming approach to store management. Data revolves around a unidirectional flow, making the logic of app predictable and easier to understand.
  • Mobx/MST - Object Oriented Programming approach to store management which follows Observer-Observable pattern, making it easier to understand and design the store.

UI Libraries

  • Tailwind CLI - A simple command line interface to bootstrap Tailwind for any app
  • PostCSS - An incredibly powerful CSS tool that lets you integrate Tailwind into complex build pipelines
  • Tailwind CSS Intellisense (for VS Code) - An extension that provides suggestions with Tailwind class names when editing files.


dedicated Team
Dedicated Team
A scalable team of developers with a project manager for each client.
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Daily standups, frequent demos and instant communication with client through Slack.
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From requirement gathering to the final delivery of the app, we handle everything.
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A dedicated account manager for each client, available at any time.

Our Works


Pencil app provides a solution for businesses to own their product advertising/promotion by helping them create/edit custom ads and publish them in social platforms. The FE dashboard for the app (used to generate/manage/publish ads) is being built using React and Tailwind, while the Editor (used to create/edit snapshots/videos used in the ads) is built using React+FabricJS.

Got an app idea? Hire us to turn it into an awesome app! We thrive when coming up with innovative ideas. We create apps using React, React Native, Angular, Laravel, NodeJS and Google’s Flutter.

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