Shivam Sharma

Tech Lead - l
Experienced and dedicated frontend developer with experience of 4+ years in the Industry. My major focus is to achieve the best possible user experience along with simplifying complex things into simpler modules. I have worked on many mobile apps based on react-native along with a few web apps using reactJS. I love facing new challenges and to provide an effective solution to it.
React Native
The Most Amazing...
....thing I have done is, Integrate the payment SDK which was in native android to a react-native project by adding bridges and calling those bridges from react-native.
In one of my projects, we had hundreds of list data with live feeds updating every second. So we came up with an architecture where live feed never really impacted any performance issue.
Interest & Expertise
  • Mobile App Development
  • Web App Development
  • Architecturing App Code Design
  • Writing Scalable Code
  • Optimizing the Performance of the App
  • Love New Technologies
  • Problem-Solving
  • Founder - Entrepreneurship Club (VIT)
  • Manager - Riviera (Top 5 college cultural fest in India)
  • Runner-up - Coding competition(Code-Gravitas)
MySQL, MongoDB
HTML / CSS, JavaScript, C, Python, C++
Backend Framework & Library
Version Control
Git, GitLab, GitHub
State Management
Redux, Apollo GraphQL
Frontend Framework & Library
Bootstrap, Material-UI, React
Cloud Services
Firebase, aws, AWS EC2 -instance
Mobile Framework & Library
React Native
Android Studio
Heroku, Netlify
Visual Studio Code
Continuous Integration and Continuous Delivery (CI/CD)
Call Center Management App
A desktop app built using reactJS and electronJS on top of it w which can be used by agents to enable communication from multiple channels. It featured live call integration, along with live SMS and support ticket tracking from social handles.
It also has a web-based admin panel that has different access levels. It is used to handle all the routing and management of the application and flow for the call centers.
Live Video Calling App
A mobile app based on react native provides “psychological PPE” to frontline healthcare workers by connecting them to others in the trenches and facilitating supportive dialogue (real talk). The talks take place over 1-1 video calls.
The video call was implemented using “Twilio SDK”. The app was built on react-native with firebase serving as a backend service. It also uses redux-saga extensively to control the calls being made to the backend system.
Voice Calling App
A mobile app based on react-native which supports multiple alias numbers for making voice calls mostly used by sales teams to keep track of leads. It has support for adding notes to a particular call session that can be visualized as a part of the call summary. It was built using “EXPO”. It has capabilities like push notifications, auto-updates, etc. It also uses redux-saga extensively to control the calls being made to the backend system.
Financial Goal Management System
A web dashboard that gives the user the ability to create financial goals for themselves and their close ones. The web app is made entirely in the latest Reactjs version with the extensive implementation of React Hooks and ejected from CRA with custom build scripts and web pack handling. It also uses redux-saga extensively to control the calls being made to the backend system. The goal insight is coupled with accurately detailed SVG graphs and a breakdown of the assets in play which gives the user the ability to plan his future.
Investment Banking App
A mobile app for purchasing funds and maintaining the investment portfolio of the user. It is a robo-advisory app for users in Thailand. Biometric authentication (Face unlock/Fingerprint unlock) was implemented into it. Apart from these, it has lots of native bridging that includes image watermarking, and custom camera implementation. It has multiple environments which were set using env files with respective CI/CD. Pipeline implementation on Microsoft’s App-Center. The app was built using react-native and for State-management redux along with saga as the middleware was used.
Bike Rental App
A mobile app for booking bikes from anywhere and dropping them anywhere with Bluetooth connectivity with bikes. The app was a hybrid app(Native android and React native). I was responsible for the full integration of payments and other screens. This includes creating bridges between React Native and native android.
E-Commerce App for Medicine Delivery
A mobile app for ordering medicines and booking appointments. Full payment integration was done with multiple payment gateways. Front-end was on react-native with redux and thunk as middleware and backend APIs were provided by the client.
Project Resource Estimation Dashboard
A web app for the business development team for generating the estimation for project timeline and resource allocation. Front-end was done using React-Js and backend was done using firebase.
Story-writing App for Kids and Mentors
A mobile app for mentors and kids to learn story writing with the option to share rewards and real-time messaging and notifications. Front-end was on React Native and the backend was provided by Firebase.
All in One Fintech App
A mobile app for one of the largest banks in India, built using react-native that enables users to open their trading account and start investing in minutes. It has multiple modules such as onboarding (mostly KYC), equity(stocks), mutual funds, social, gaming, learning, etc. It has a lot of 3rd party integration with different providers from the fintech industry.