Samarth Jain

Software Engineer - III
A full stack developer working extensively with react native and love to explore new things. Always striving for self improvement.
Full Stack Developer
React Native
The Most Amazing...
....thing that I have done, developed a video calling app in react native from scratch.
Interest & Expertise
  • Clean code
  • Writing scalable code
  • More inclined towards native development
  • Traveling and Football
  • Recently I took part in a hackathon organized by GeekyAnts in which we developed a live one to one chat app in 12 hours.
Version Control
Project Management
VS Code
Cloud Services
Testing Frameworks & Library
State Management
Redux,Redux Saga
Mobile Framework & Library
React Native
XCode,Android Studio,Figma
User Interface Design
Frontend Framework & Library
UI Design
React Native Paper
React Native Wrapper
A react native wrapper made using swift and kotlin sdks.
Description: A wrapper made for react native using swift and kotlin. Also made a sample app in react native using this wrapper which can support around 1000+ users. This app has multiple features like screen sharing, rtmp recording and streaming & hls streaming etc.
Crowd Funding App
A mobile app (IOS and android) that enables users to raise funds online for different causes such as medical emergencies and other social causes. A user can create a campaign after signing up and invite people to it. While creating a campaign a user can add a video and write a description using the in-app editor.
Technologies used are React Native, Redux, and REST APIs.
Beanstox is a mobile app, developed in React Native with JavaScript. Built for both iOS and Android. This app allows users to monitor their investments in stocks and provide stats on their investments whether it was a profitable or non profitable investment.
Technologies used are React Native, Redux, and REST APIs.
Fitness application
Fitness-App is a mobile app, developed in React Native. Built for both iOS and Android. This app allows users to monitor their fitness levels and plan their weekly workouts and follow their set fitness goals.
Technologies used are React Native, Material UI
Dashboard Theme
Worked on a dashboard theme that could be used with a dating app or fitness app to view user data and analytics. It is an admin side portal to monitor various things such as number of total users, active users, users subscribing to premium plans, most visited pages etc so that admin can closely monitor the progress of the app.
Technologies used are React