Piyush Pareek

Piyush Pareek

Software Engineer
A software-engineer with experience and interest in the latest front-end technologies, an eye for backend and an ever growing interest in learning new stuff.

The most amazing...

.... Successfully rendered an angular-app in the react dashboard app by dragging the build file of the angular app onto the dashboard.

Interest & Expertise

  • Mobile applications
  • Backend technologies
  • System design and architecture
  • Single Page Applications
  • Functional Programming


Backend Framework & Library

Node.js, Express.js

Frontend Framework & Library



HTML / CSS, JavaScript, TypeScript, Dart


MongoDB, PostgreSQL

Version Control

Git, GitLab, GitHub

Project Management

JIRA, Trello

Mobile Framework & Library


CSS pre-processor


State Management

Redux, MobX, Redux Saga, Thunk

User Interface Design

Ant Design


Interactive Dashboard for data analysis

An interactive dashboard that allows users to organize and analyse business data. Highly configurable widgets like Charts, Buttons, Search-boxes, etc with drag and drop functionality, customisable data-sources to fetch data implemented with SwaggerAPI and custom events for communication between individual widgets, so that different users can design different dashboards as per their own needs. Tech: React, Typescript, SCSS, MobX

Micro-frontends Dashboard

An interactive dashboard with the ability to upload apps and render the apps on the dashboard by drag-and-drop. The apps may be built in any JS framework like Angular, React, Svelte, etc. Tech: React, Typescript, SCSS

Live Scores App

An app for keeping track of live scores for football games based on different countries and leagues. Option to add favourite teams and leagues for a user. See updates for all live matches going on at any moment. Select any league and view the past fixtures, league details like standings, best players and teams stats for each season. Search for players and view their performances for every season. Tech: React Native, Typescript, Redux

Insurance App

A mobile application for creating insurance policies for users. Nested and multi-step forms for adding details of the client, spouse and dependents/children. Tech: React Native, Formik, Redux Toolkit