Bridging the gap between entertainers and their fans
GeekyAnts offers the best app & software development solutions for the Entertainment industry that can help you bring content creators & consumers closer than ever. We help create adaptable entertainment industry software & app development solutions that proffer a unique digital experience to our clients and their consumers.

Over the past few years, we have witnessed an unprecedented increase in the number of online entertainment platforms that provide viewers with their favourite content at the click of a button. Content creators find it substantially easier to deliver content online to their global audience. However, this rise has also translated into elevated competition in the entertainment arena.

To mark your presence amongst legions of competitors, you need to render seamless entertainment services that help retain consumer interest. That’s where GeekyAnts can help you. Our experience in building custom and dynamic entertainment & media industry app development solutions for entertainers and production companies has made us a familiar name in the entertainment industry. Let us take you on a journey to reach your audience like never before.

Impeccable User Management
Enjoy flawless user accounts and profiles creation and management with your own digital entertainment software.
Supreme Subscriptions Management
Get subscription plan-based access control on hosted content within the entertainment app along with a dedicated screen for enabling subscription purchase.
Unparalleled Video Streaming/Content Hosting
Host videos, stream them, go live, upload text for viewers, and much more through secure sharing services.
Groovy Content Catalog
Display your hosted content in a catalog view with sorting options and filters for viewers to pick from their favourite videos quickly and easily.
Sturdy Admin Dashboard
Moderators get a dedicated admin view to manage hosted content, users, subscriptions, promotions, etc. from a single place.

Solutions Realized

Over the years, we have successfully associated with our partners to create innovative custom app development solutions for Entertainment & media industry that stand apart in the content delivery market. Here are a few of our clients who we helped achieve their dreams.
Re-established India's biggest online mobile gaming platform.
India's oldest and largest fantasy cricket gaming platform invigorated its services with our digital mobile solution and increased its play base exponentially.
Revolutionized interactions between luminaries and their fans.
We helped an entertainment company create a gamified digital platform to bring stars and idols in the industry and their fans closer by providing channels to let them interact with each other through live videos, chat & more.
Advanced Travel Software Development For A Museum Catalog.
We built a location based mobile application for a museum catalog to enable users to find museums around them, read details about them and find their location promptly.
Integrated an AI Assistant within an app for a California-based artist.
We helped a known name in music and his enterprise build an app that utilizes artificial intelligence to act as an assistant and provide contextual feedback and human like interactions.


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