Bringing Content Creators & Consumers Closer Than Ever With New-Age Tech

With the digital world emerging and unlimited new content being hosted online, our solutions help creators direct traffic and reach their audience faster and consumers to enjoy content tailored just for them.



User Management

Manage created accounts or sign up with new ones to enjoy access to the platform. Also includes profile management.


Subscription Flow

Access control on hosted content based on subscription plans and user access level within the app with a dedicated screen to enable subscription purchase.


Video Streaming/Content Hosting

Stream hosted videos, host videos, go live or upload text for viewers or readers through safe and secure sharing services.


Catalog View

Display your hosted content in a catalog view for viewers to pick from. Enable sorting and filters to help them watch their favourite content faster.


Admin View/Dashboard

A dedicated admin view for moderators to manage hosted content, users, subscriptions, promotions etc. from a single place.

Solutions Realized

Re-established India's biggest online mobile gaming platform with a reimagining of their services.

India's oldest and largest fantasy cricket gaming platform invigorated its services with our digital mobile solution and increased its play base exponentially.

An entertainment company revolutionized interactions between industry stars and their fans with an idea.

We helped an entertainment company create a gamified digital platform to bring stars and idols in the industry and their fans closer by providing channels to let them interact with each other through live videos, chat & more.

Museum catalog

A Museum catalog made the transition to a digital platform to widen its user base and enhance its services.

We built a location based mobile application for a museum catalog to enable users to find museums around them, read details about them and find their location promptly.

AI Assistant

An AI Assistant within an app was a dream for a California based artist. Not anymore.

We helped a known name in music and his enterprise build an app that utilizes artificial intelligence to act as an assistant and provide contextual feedback and human like interactions.